Greetings from Tyler,

Some Muslim clerics are explaining why the terrorist attack on the offices of the satirical magazine in Paris is justified. Muslims are “obligated” to avenge insults to their prophet, by carrying out a death sentence upon any who would dare. The French are out in the streets proclaiming their “liberty.” At one time they may have had the liberty to insult whoever they wanted, but not any more. Now they’ve imported two-plus million Muslims who are prone to riot, burn cars and smash store fronts over some perceived slight or injustice as we’ve seen time and time again over recent years. The Muslim “cleric” invoked above lives in England. He can’t understand why the French government allowed this newspaper to insult Islam’s prophet, knowing that Muslims are duty-bound to carry out a death sentence in vengeance.

The French have never been in the forefront of the war on terror. They’ve always sided with the Palestinians, against Israel. Maybe the French are proud of their liberties, but they’ve allowed mass immigration from across northern Africa and the Middle East and in doing so have relinquished freedom of expression.

Even the American president has said, “The future must not belong to those who insult Islam.” Some wonder aloud if the murderous “avengers” of the Islamic “faith” aren’t taking some measure of justification from the president’s words. Well, the future certainly doesn’t belong to the Frenchmen who were shot to death in their own offices for daring to mock the Islamic prophet. But they mocked every religion and ideology, including those they tagged as “Islamophobic.”

Freedom of speech, in France and all over Europe, as well as here in the United States is a casualty of “multiculturalism” and political correctness. Say or write the wrong words in our society, and you’ll at least have your character assassinated. Tweak the prophet, and the avenging demons of Islam may well seek you out. Thankfully, we in America have some means of personal defense. Everywhere else in the western world, the Police and first-responders just show up after the fact to clean up the mess. Thankfully the gunmen in France have been hunted down and killed, sparing the French and everybody else the idiotic circus that would have ensued had they been tried in court.

Will the French now get a grip? Will their love of liberty win out, or is it already too late? The Jews have already been made so uncomfortable that many have fled in fear. It is pretty scary for Jews all over Europe right now, and in England as well. Some say it hasn’t been this frightening to be a Jew in Europe since WWII.

After 9-11 we Americans, especially those who travel, caught the brunt of the government’s reaction. Within days they started treating every one of us like a prospective terrorist. Take off your shoes, hand over your wallet, remove your jacket and step into the X-ray devise. No? Scared of that thing? Fine, one of our agents of indeterminate heritage if not gender, will grope you thoroughly with blue rubber gloves. Hope you’re not ticklish.

The Muslims? They’re still streaming into the U.S. from all over the world, an estimated 100,000 annually, knowing they can stay indefinitely at taxpayer expense if that’s what they decide to do. We don’t know what they’re up to. The police don’t dare keep an eye on their activities or their mosques. That would constitute racial or religious profiling.

Even in the wake of the sick massacre in Paris, our top leadership, from the White House to the Secretary of State, just can’t bring themselves to get particularly excited. They speak in low, halting tones about those who are “against civilization” or some such blather. Neither identified the attackers or their attack as Islamic, Muslim, or having anything to do with the simmering world war that is already under way. All the leaders of the western world apparently want to play Muslim roulette, while remaining in utter denial. They keep calling the supporters and perpetrators of terror, “the few.” But they are not a “few.” They are in the millions, and “a few” of them command nations and military assets.

No big news has been made of the comments made recently by Egyptian President el Sissi. You know the general? The one who was swept into office when the Egyptian people rebelled against the Muslim Brotherhood? The left, the anarchists and the community organizers all hate him, as he replaced their beloved Muslim Brotherhood and has allowed their prosecution for the murderous crimes and corruption during their brief tenure over Egypt. He has just called for “revolution” among the Imams and Muslim clerics who have declared jihad on the whole world. What a bold statement. You can bet that there’s a death sentence waiting to be executed on him by now.

But no one is paying any attention let alone responding positively to the statements of the Egyptian president. Even the nations that have fallen victim to recent attacks and remain under constant threat want to keep reminding us all that Islam is good, Muslims are mostly good people, and they should not suffer any stigma in as a result of the actions of their terrorist brethren. The west is in complete denial about the size and scope of the religious threat that will contribute to the militarization of Europe, the intervention of the pope, and ultimately the return of Christ. It won’t be tidy, but there is good news in the aftermath. All the weirdo holy rollers, bearded and clean-shaven, turbaned and beanied, lose.


Mark Armstrong

P.S. The new TCW is well along in layout, and looking to be as potent as any so far. We can’t wait to get it into your hands. Local conditions of sleet and freezing rain have resulted in the cancellation of services here in Tyler this weekend. And we know it’s a lot worse north and east of here. Please have a safe, happy, and if possible, warm Sabbath.