1 December 2023 – Mark Armstrong Commentary

Greetings from Tyler,

Watching mothers and children reunited can’t help but tug at your heart strings. The terror visited on Jews is now visited on the whole world. Somebody else can look at the pictures. The huge demonstrations on American soil claim that there were no atrocities. These protesters think they’re entitled to their own truth. Two taps on the chest, and they can come up with anything. “My truth.”

Another day, with two thirds of the hostages still being held, war has resumed. As you know, news outlets are all over it with reporters nearby. Israel’s spokesmen have been resolute. Hamas must be destroyed for all time. They’ve purportedly committed mind bending atrocities.

The interviews are beginning. For the rest of our lives we’ll be re-living the hell they went through. Can you imagine being held underground for six weeks? That would be psychologically damaging all by itself. But these returned hostages endured malnutrition and who knows what else.

When you think about it, they’re visiting terrorism on the entire world! The news reports what they can, and even that isn’t fit for human consumption. Videos come with warnings, and I for one am not going to watch any of it. Some of the terrorists wore body cams and helmet cams.

Their argument is circular. They’re crazy by their own admission. “Of course they are crazy,” the story goes. You know who made them crazy, and therefore it’s not their fault. They’re just innocent victims, made insane by Israel.

Some are now reasoning about what happened in 1948 with the UN mandate that created Israel. That was 75 years ago. Is history to be undone? The terrorists think so. Their rebellion has not gone so well, as you can see. It’s not going well now. You’ve seen the utter destruction. It’s like something out of a horror movie.

When have you ever seen maps dropped, announcing future bombing locations to stay away from? Israel told the residents, the innocent victims caught between combatants, to get out. But that’s not what the terrorists had in mind. Human shields is the name of the game. It’s their whole strategy, beyond committing acts not fit for the mind.

Maybe something is going on. Personally, I think everybody’s had just about enough of saving the planet, global warming and orders from doctors. Along that line, did you see what Elon Musk told the advertisers who had fled after Media Matters put out a fraudulent meme, claiming that Elon’s company was placing big name corporate advertisers next to “racists” screeds? This might make a difference, eventually. He told them off, like he didn’t even care. We’ll see what happens. He’s suing Media Matters. Hope he puts them out of business.

There are some signs that people all over the world have had enough of this new age, anti-God philosophy. Most people don’t want the government breathing down their neck, making prohibitions and demands. We like the Constitution, thanks very much. But other nations in the world don’t have our Constitution. Holland, New Zealand (shock), and Argentina have elected conservatives. You can only take so much.