Greetings from Tyler,

The war in Ukraine looks like it might go on for a long time.  If you listen to some, you might think it’s the United States who’s at war.  It seems that the deciders are sending all kinds of expensive military systems into the fray, so much so that some of our stocks are being depleted.  But $40 billion?  Much of it going to a nation famous for being a corrupt no-man’s-land where vast facilities could be built and operated at our expense without our knowledge, money disappeared apparently without a trace.  Maybe there is a trace, but that’s classified and better never see the light of day.

Finland and Sweden want to join NATO, and who wouldn’t?  Supposedly that brings them under umbrella protection in case of an invasion.  Trump made the European partners pay what they’d agreed to, which was treated as some kind of scandal.  Now that the adults are back in charge, they’ve stopped paying.  Russia has been supplying the energy to Finland’s grid, and that’s being cut off.  No problem, Finland says.  They can replace it with energy from Sweden.  We’ll see.   This whole thing may boil down to energy.

Strange humans are clogging the neighbourhood streets in front of Supreme Court Justices’ homes chanting, “My body, my choice.”  Those who insisted that we were morons for refusing the shot or the follow up “boosters” have the audacity to repeat that phrase?  How is it that these rejects were the same ones who tried to enforce the Corona mandates?  If the subject applied to their body alone, they’d be right.  But we’re expected to engage in this pretence that there’s only one person involved.  They’ve run afoul of their own rhetoric.

It’s a real crime to try to intimidate a judge, and a serious one.  The thought that a department of law enforcement should behave politically while allowing such an abuse to take place is shocking.  Notice, the cameramen covering the incident never show the faces of these loony tunes.  You see a crowd from behind, or a shot at their shoes walking.  I’m guessing there’s a reason for that.  Where are the paddy-wagons?   They’re not coming?  Since when is it OK to attempt to intimidate a judge?  But according to the redhead, it’s a routine demonstration.  Nonviolent, and a longstanding tradition in the United States.  No big deal.

The leaker of the draft opinion still hasn’t been found.  It’s probably someone who works for a justice who doesn’t agree with the opinion, but we suspect they’re not looking very hard.  Whoever it is will go down in history, but not just yet.  The wild-eyed proponents of the hideous procedure will laud the leaker as a great hero.  They already do.

The news of the Supreme Court’s likely decision has literally driven the proponents of nonsense crazy.  They demand we cave to government advice but go bonkers about their body their choice.    But Dr. Fauci knows best, and you better do what he says.  You think you have a choice?  Those news anchors will set you straight!  You know the ones.  You deserve every name in the book if you think you can flaunt what the “scientists” have determined.  Don’t you realize you’re endangering the health of everybody around you? (sarc)

Lately there’s been news of all kinds of famous individuals coming down with the dreaded malady.  They’re vaccinated, boosted, and they care more than you.  But they’re sick.  They’re also quick to explain how much worse it would be if they hadn’t submitted to the demands of the “authorities.”  It’s enough to make you wonder if…  No, better not.

Nothing makes sense anymore.  The voices assaulting the masses no longer feel the need to win anybody over with logic.   They love to display their fury, confident that we’ll see their insanity as justified by the righteousness of their cause.  Surely we’ll agree that their lunacy is well founded.  It’s not working.

The news is coming from all directions, there’s a shortage of baby formula at stores, but plenty at the border.  Stockpiles.  The priorities seem clear, if they didn’t already.

Is it true that the U. S. under current leadership and all the nations of the Western world are poised to hand “health” authority over to a UN health organization?  You notice, the information wars are hot.  There’s talk of “disinformation” and how it must be stamped out.  The UK and the European Union are working hard to control information.  Elon is trying to close the twitter deal, but it may not come in time.  The Western nations have tricks up their sleeves to make sure that unapproved opinions don’t enter the discourse. The U. S. has been busy lining up international support for an all-powerful international organization that can demand quarantines, lock-downs and all manner of demands on the population, all in the name of keeping people “safe.” Supposedly the current national powers in our country are pushing for it.  Let’s hope it doesn’t succeed.  It sounds like something predicted for the end times.