Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Commentary – 8 April 2022

April 8, 2022

Greetings from Tyler,

In trying to construct a sentence, the realization dawned that some subjects are just not fit for discussion.  Many of us will spend the remainder of our lives having to look at and hear about the heroic, historic, brilliant Judge on the Supreme Court.  Many are drawing a connection between some of the worst imaginable behavior, and the record showing that the newly confirmed Justice thinks, and has ruled, that it’s not that big a deal.  Just opening the subject is wretched. But she’s considered it several times and in her, wisdom came down easy time and again.

We’ve been treated to a flood of horrific photos and stories out of Ukraine this week.  Two Fox News contributors were killed, and another seriously injured.  There are information services and people working behind the scenes for the purpose of developing a narrative.  After what we’ve been through, with the news anchors pretending to believe the nonsense they’re so concerned about, who knows?  So now we’re supposed to suspend disbelief and be seriously informed?

Some things are undeniable.  The destruction of whole towns and villages is obvious, as are the testimonies of those fleeing.  The atrocities?  Apparently, there are animalistic Russian soldiers if the stories are true.   When you think that this all might have been avoided, it’s even more depressing.

It’s been played over and over, that’s how sad the video is.  The reputed world leader was wandering here and there looking for someone to talk to him in a crowded room and coming up empty.  Just pitiful.  The descent into denials and jocular redirection has begun.  It’s all fun and games to hear the defense team.  Everything’s fine.  But it’s not.

The weeks and months ahead will be painful, for those involved and for all of us who must suffer through it.  It’s starting to look like mental slippage is the least of the first family’s concerns.  The cat is out of the bag.  There will be revelations we’d rather not have to hear.  But we’ll have no choice.  Eventually it will be everywhere.  But there is an insurance policy.  Inappropriate cackling is something we’ve not seen behind the podium with the Presidential seal.  Nobody but nobody wants that.

We can’t even look at what’s going on with the Southern border.  How can this ever be undone?  There’s been headline news here in Texas, claiming our governor is fixing to bus all the desperate and illegal aliens to Washington D. C.  In the same breath we hear that lawsuits will be filed, and that the governor has no authority to interfere with the operations of the Feds.  Meanwhile…

Eagles are getting thrashed and killed by these “clean energy” windmills.  Whether or not they make economic sense, they’re apparently killing lots of birds.  A wind farm company has just been convicted and fined $8 million for killing eagles. University researchers are trying to solve the problem of knocking federally protected species out of the sky by the do-gooders saving the planet.  Never mind about the construction methods, or where the materials come from.  Forget about the costs involved in the transport and setup of the monstrosities.   It turns out that wind farms get permits that allow for a dozen or more dead birds.  An acceptable death toll for those saving the planet.  But nobody said anything about eagles.  Until now.  But don’t worry, most of them were Golden eagles.  They’re working on it.  Besides, there are all kinds of culprits when it comes to killing birds.  Pesticides and cats are purportedly killing them by the millions.  I doubt cats are killing eagles, in fact it’s probably the other way around, but that’s part of the zealot’s argument.  Saving the planet may not be as simple as they thought.  After all, wind energy accounts for a whopping 3% of national consumption!  Consider the source.  Even that figure has probably been tweaked.

Finally, what’s with this Klaus Schwab dude?  We’re finding out that several current and former heads of state are graduates of his WEF global leadership program.  If you look at the people in high office, from heads of state to university positions, you have to wonder where their loyalties lie.  There are some big names involved in the global leadership of tomorrow, or whatever.  We will be looking at this.  Global leadership, especially with all the diversity and environmental considerations, is something we’d hoped we wouldn’t see.  It’ll be lots of fun when governments are more interested in all the woke sentiments and “saving the planet,” than they are the interests of their own populations.  It’s already firmly established, and it doesn’t sound good.  It looks like this outfit has plans for us that we’re not about to go along with.

Mark Armstrong