25/11/23 – Weekly Commentary – Mark Armstrong

Greetings from Tyler,

The news of the day is the release of hostages from Gaza back to Israel.  They’ll all have stories to tell.  What, are we supposed to have respect for the terrorists now?  No doubt, people who are getting their loved ones back are ecstatic.  People who are being released are full of joy.  But the terrorists aren’t releasing everybody.  They’re still hiding behind most of the hostages.  Now they’ll try to wring concessions out of Israel.  

Qatar is being used as the middleman.  It kind of makes you sick, realizing that terrorists are being negotiated with at all, but they took hostages.  And they’re always bragging about how brave they are.  Give me a break!

Geert Wilders is a name we’ve known for some time in Dutch politics.  He’s been, let’s say unimpressed with the importation of Muslims into Holland.  He was actually banned from travel to England.  What he’s said was too incendiary, and the Brits were afraid there would be trouble if he came to England.  A member of the House of Lords invited him to screen his film entitled Fitna, which calls the Koran a fascist book and links scenes of terrorist attacks with “scripture.”  It drives the Muslims berserk.  But now he has a chance to form a government in Holland, and it will mean having to deal with former political enemies.  The EU is mighty concerned.  It could upend their whole agenda, saving the planet and importing Muslims into Europe.  

That’s not the only concern for the worldwide woke agenda.  In Argentina Javier Milei has won the election and is threatening to shake things up. Inflation is running at 150%, and he has big plans to fix it. According to Reuters, “His plans include shutting the central bank, ditching the peso, slashing spending…”  He supports the United States and is routinely called the Donald Trump of Argentina. Maybe he’s going to put his country on the U. S. dollar.

As you know, North Korea successfully put a spy satellite in orbit with the help of the Russians.  Kim Jong Un has apparently made friends with Putin, so North Korean rockets don’t blow up on the launch pad.  

All in all, everything’s not going according to plan. Saving the planet has taken a backseat to the Middle East war. People who don’t believe in their master plan to crack down on westerners who don’t have time for their machinations have been elected in Holland and Argentina. Uh oh.

How this hasn’t yet fallen apart under its own weight is a mystery. After years of indoctrination, the theory is getting old. They’re having to discount battery cars, and they’re still not selling. Global warming or otherwise, people like to get where they’re going.  

Things are falling apart for the current administration too. Let me count the ways. Joe is in a lot of trouble. Whether he knows or not is unclear. But there’s evidence piling up and subpoenas being handed out.  We just might get another respite.  

It’s hard to watch the news. We’ve just observed Thanksgiving here in America, and God has blessed this nation beyond comprehension thanks to Abraham. The Middle East?  Europe? We’ll just have to watch it play out. Luckily we have the outline.

Mark Armstrong