For nearly fifty years Garner Ted Armstrong expounded in logical, understandable and straightforward terms, the truth of the bible.


Garner Ted Armstrong was a prolific writer and over decades produced hundreds of booklets expounding various Biblical issues.

Welcome to Garner Ted Armstrong E. A. – Australia

Through the GTA television program, his sermons and booklets, Garner Ted Armstrong preached the truth of the Bible, including the gospel of the coming Kingdom of God, as a witness and warning, before God’s intervention in human affairs at the end of this age – perhaps not so many years ahead.

All offered materials – books, booklets, CDs, DVDs, TCW magazine and the ICG Bible Correspondence Course – are provided FREE of CHARGE, with no obligation. We have nothing to sell. As Christ stated ‘Freely have you received, freely give’. Matt. 10:8 and as the Apostle Paul did, we preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ “without charge”. 1Cor. 9:18



On this website you will find high quality video GTA TV programs and hundreds of GTA video sermons, as well as hundreds of GTA audio sermons plus audio radio series and also dozens of  booklet titles to read online or request in hard copy. In addition there is a list of available GTA sermons to request on CD or DVD located under the “Literature & Sermons” tab. Additional TV programs and GTA sermons will be added over time. On the ICG (Our Church) page you will also find an archive of weekly Sabbath sermons from around 2014 to the present arranged by date.


Under the Literature/sermons tab you will find available GTA sermons on CD/DVD. You will also find links to our parent HQ website “Booklets” page and Booklet page is also linked here:

Here are several featured booklets available in hard copy free of charge on request:

Why You Were Born


The Ten Commandments                Hard Copy Available            The Young Revolutionaries


Europe and America in Prophecy   The ANSWER to unanswered prayer               The Real JESUS

In Australia call 1300 885 066, write to PO Box 232 Sandy Bay Tasmania 7006, email

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From anywhere in the world you can email Everyone can also use the contact email request form on the “Contact” page.

You will also find links to the websites of our parent US based organizations with which we are closely affiliated – the Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association and the Intercontinental Church of God, both headquartered at Tyler, Texas. Those sites provide an abundance of Biblically based sermon and Bible Study materials. |

We welcome questions concerning Biblical teaching and requests for offered booklets, CDs and DVDs.


The Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association is also publisher of the dedicated 21st Century WATCH website that contains an archive of 21st Century WATCH editions and includes the latest edition plus the archive in easy to read format.

 Alternately you can read online the latest issue, Volume 26, #3 2023 and a selection of previous issues below.  However many prefer reading hardcopy and you can join the subscription list and receive the magazine FREE of charge by regular post. Copies of Volume 26, #3 2023 are currently available.  You can join the FREE subscription list simply by contacting us by email at or call (in Australia) 1300 885 066. USA call (903) 561 7070. Don’t miss an issue. Take out a FREE subscription now


         Vol. 27-No. 1                                        TCW Vol.26 #4

               TCW Vol26No3                            TCW vol26 no2                                       TCW_vol26no1


        TCW Vol25 No 4                            TCW Vol25No3                                 TCW Vol25No2


           TCW Vol25no1                            TCW Vol24no4                             TCWVol24no3

                TCW Vol24 no2                              TCW Vol24 no1                              TCW vol23 no4


TCW Vol23no3                                       TCW Vol23_no2                            TCW Vol23 no



TCW_Vol22 #4                                  TCW . 22 #3                                      TCW Vol22 #2



21st Century WATCH Vol. 22 #1  Twenty First Century WATCH Vol. 21 #4  21st Century WATCH vol 21 #3


21st Century WATCH Vol.21 #2    21st Century WATCH Vol. 21#1    21st Century WATCH Vol.20#4

 21st Century WATCH Vol.20#3            21st Century WATCH Vol.20 #2       21st Century WATCH Vol.20#1


The current issue text is in two parts

TCW Vol19No4Pt1                                   tcw-vol-19-3-2016                                   TCW vol 19 #2 2016

TCW Vol19No4Pt2

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