November 2023 Member Letter – Mark Armstrong

   Dear Members and Coworkers,                                 November 22, 2023

On Sunday November 19, Mark Levin had Prime Minister Netanyahu on his program. Levin sat quietly and let PM Netanyahu talk for minutes on end. His message was, “You’ll be next.” You mean, we haven’t already experienced enough from these terrorists? Today comes news that a truck loaded with explosives drove into the border facility at Rainbow Bridge near Niagra Falls. They better think twice.

  The United States supports Israel. It’s the only foothold freedom has in the entire Middle East. Terrorism against the West has been the ultimate dream of everybody who’s come along. They’ve been taught to eat, breath, and sleep hatred. They’ll show us how mad they are! There’s coming a time, and I think it has arrived, when you simply cannot imbibe what’s happening. What these “fighters” have done is too despicable for human consumption. These terrorists wore helmet cams, and apparently members of the UN were forced to watch the footage. You wonder what their state of mind must be.

Terrorism against the West is not a new concept. Let us not recount the times. The United States has tried to play mediator. It has only put off the inevitable. For our efforts the terrorists attack us. They killed Israeli athletes at the Olympics in Munich. Since then, the one we still haven’t gotten over is 9-11. We’re supposed to never forget. But don’t dare remember who did it.

  It’s still ringing in our ears, “Land for peace.” Turns out that’s not all they wanted. Gaza has been rendered uninhabitable. Tanks and bulldozers are required to crawl through the rubble. 

Back in the day, Henry Kissinger’s shuttle diplomacy was going on. If Israel would just agree to give them land, and leave them alone. Apparently Gaza wasn’t enough. Instead of improving the lives of its citizens, the money has gone into rockets and tunnels. 

All the serious talk now is of hostage release. Israel has reportedly agreed to free twice as many prisoners in return for hostages. But not all the hostages. They’re still required for those brave fighters to hide behind. The atrocities they committed on October 7 are beyond words. You’ll find no detailed description here. That they are animals is clear. They’ve proven it. But they still argue.

Their argument is that it’s true, they’re crazy. But it’s Israel’s fault. That’s it in a nutshell, and it hasn’t changed in all these years.

Have you seen our southern border lately? It’s enough to make you sick. Everybody, from all over the world is streaming in. The cartels are getting rich, and we’re getting overrun. Sometimes you’ll see a border agent talk about the “got-a-ways.” The F. B. I. director comes forward to say that they’re very concerned about who has gotten into the country illegally. But the border patrol is busy managing the onslaught. As far as leadership is concerned, it isn’t happening, or if it is, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. There’s no legal solution. Besides, everything’s fine.

If terrorists have gotten into the country, again, everything won’t be fine. We can’t conceive of their abject hatred. It’s been most of their education. They hate with a passion defined by the video we won’t watch. Some things just aren’t meant for human consumption.

Who would kidnap people and hold them as bargaining chips? Women and children? Presumably the argument goes just as it did fifty years ago. “Of course they are crazy! The Israelis made them crazy!”

We see these massive demonstrations in our city streets. People lying down on important bridges for crying out loud. Maybe they should have to watch what these terrorists did. There are no words. It seems the time for protecting our minds from atrocities has arrived. Do you think for one minute they wouldn’t carry out these atrocities here if it were possible? The U. S. supports Israel. Always has. It looks like this may be a problem for Biden. U. S. policy is colliding with woke nonsense.

Kim Jong Un and Putin are cooperating. News has it that the North Korean satellite mission was made possible with Russian help. The last two attempts failed. The upshot is that Russia has helped North Korea successfully put a spy satellite in orbit, and more are planned.

Argentina, in the throes of a disastrous economy has just elected a man named Milei, who apparantly thinks highly of Donald Trump. The nation struggles under a $44 billion debt and inflation is nearing 150%.  He has big economic plans that may collide with IMF lenders.

Sanctions on Venezuela have been “broadly eased” by the administration. Oil companies are reportedly anxious to take advantage of the situation. Saving the planet wasn’t going well anyway. The German Supreme Court has ruled that they cannot use Covid relief funds for green projects. So much for saving the planet.

In the Netherlands, Geert Wilder won what is being called a “massive victory,” and may well become the next Prime Minister. He’s said a few things the Muslims find offensive, namely that Muslims don’t belong in the Netherlands. He screened a film in London that cut scenes of terrorist attacks together with verses out of the Koran. He’d previously been denied entry into the UK, being deemed a security risk. 

Mainstream philosophy is about to contradict American policy. What happens then? The purported president caves to the mainstream almost by reflex. But he’d have to revoke longstanding policies to do that this time. His numbers are in the tank and falling. It looks like he’s losing the left-wing support he had. He’s starting to get criticism from some of the mainstream media. There’s impeachment talk all over the place, and enough evidence to sink ships. 

Hopefully this isn’t wrong. Although this Israeli war could spread, this isn’t the end. There’s no king of the North or king of the South, and there are no sacrifices on the Temple mount. The prophecies are pretty clear on those signs. 
Mark Armstrong