Greetings from Tyler,

A perusal of the news, both domestic and foreign, is just about enough to ruin your day.  And we are only getting a fraction of the information that would illustrate where this world is actually headed!

Did you know that there are Muslim riots again in the suburbs of Paris?  The French ban on full coverage “veils” that completely conceal the identity of an individual has lead to incidents where the police dared to check an identity, and now hundreds have rampaged around police stations burning cars, trucks and vandalizing buildings.

There are constant reports out of places like Norway and Sweden which demonstrate that crimes are committed by “immigrants” way out of proportion to their share of the population.   According to police, 40% of all arrests are “foreign nationals.”  Large rocks were placed on a Swedish highway near a large Muslim “community,” seriously injuring a Danish family.  “Middle Eastern” men have been attacking elderly women over the age of 80, robbing them and beating and kicking them on the ground.  That is only a fraction of the stories that are coming out of Northern Europe.

Muslim mobs attacked police in Hamburg, Germany this month and you can watch the video if you want to pull it up.  Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, now 95 years of age, identifies Muslim immigration as the problem.  He says they’ve never seen this kind of trouble from Italian or Greek immigrants.

Murder and terror plots crop up in Germany by the dozens.  Europeans are beginning to realize the mistake that has been made by allowing the “immigrant” problem to metastasize, and that realization is taking on political significance as never before.

Did you know that there are more Muslims attending mosques in Britain than Anglos attending the Church of England?  Or that Mohammed is the name most given to male children in England?  Muslim “clerics” have taken to fringe TV stations in England to call for acts of terror, murder and torture, telling viewers it is their “duty” to “kill those who insult” their prophet.

It turns out that America has been importing over 100,000 Muslims per year now for at least a decade.  That doesn’t include those who are here illegally, having overstayed visas or arrived by unlawful entry.  It isn’t seen as near the demographic problem that it has become in European countries, due to our geographic size and population.   But the problem in Europe has become dire, and it is beginning to dominate European news.

The pope has been in Brazil this week, and it sound like he wants the vast throngs to spread Catholicism via street demonstrations.  Maybe something got lost in translation, but he’s calling for the faithful to “make a mess” of the diocese, and take to the streets to spread the faith.  We’ll just have to wait and see where this thing goes.  It begins to sound something like the “occupy Wall Street” version of religion.  He also keeps getting quoted warning of the “idolatry” of money.  He’s saying that just as two top officials in the Vatican bank have resigned in the wake of $26 million being smuggled to the Vatican in a private jet.  We know, because the last pope (Ratzinger) admitted that the Curia has a  homosexual contingent with considerable influence in the Vatican.  There’s been no further discussion about that from this pope.  It seems that he’s playing community organizer in Brazil, and you have to wonder what it will look like if his advice about “taking to the streets” should take hold.

Here at home, we know now beyond all doubt that this is not the United States of America that our Fathers and Grandfathers knew.  We’ve seen the highest offices in the land show little respect for many of our national laws such as the defense of marriage act, immigration laws, and several State laws.

We are seeing our leaders behave in much the same way as the religious leaders have behaved, autocratically determining which Laws suit their agenda and which do not.  That is how Sunday came to replace the Sabbath throughout mainstream Christianity.  Most of us watched that same phenomenon destroy Ambassador College and the Worldwide Church of God, and the so-called “leaders”waltzed off with the spoils after they liquidated everything.  If you need a current example of law trampling and liquidation by lawless leaders consumed with greed, you need look no further than the pitiful circumstances in Detroit.

We know that the seeds of national destruction have already been sewn.  People have been divided along social and economic lines with our leaders and the mainstream media supporting the concept that the downtrodden should exact revenge on an unjust society.  All attempts to get angry people to “have their voices heard” by staging mass protests over the supposedly controversial Florida trial verdict have fallen pretty flat.  The worst thing seems to be these “bash mobs” that raid retailers and tourist districts stealing from them and roughing everybody up.  We can be thankful that the race-baiter’s were unsuccessful in drawing the crowds or the outpouring of anger they were counting on.

But the economic trials and tribulations are coming.  The euro hasn’t collapsed yet, they’re putting that inevitability off until a different solution can be devised.  That solution may well constitute the configuration of Bible prophecy.

On the domestic front, we’re in for another go-around with budget disputes and threats to “shut down the government.”  For now they can apparently keep conjuring up money at the expense of future generations.  But future generations won’t get stuck with the tab.  It simply can’t go on that long.  And it won’t.  We’ve got a lot on our minds, and a lot on our plate, but still so very much for which to be thankful.  Thank you all for your interest and dedicastion as we carry on and try to do God’s will, praying for His mercy and protection through all that lies ahead.

We very much enjoyed our visit to Phoenix last Sabbath.  There were old timers and new comers, and they all were very warm, supportive and enthusiastic.  It was a profitable endeavor.  We hope you had a great Sabbath too, and now another one is here.

Have a great one.