Greetings from Tyler,

You’ve undoubtedly seen that Europe is on high alert in the wake of terrorist slaughter in Paris. A radical Muslim cell in Belgium had guns, explosives and police uniforms in their possession when Police raided and shot two of them to death. The media is mostly mum on the numbers and locations of potential terrorist plotters and strongholds in the United States, but repeats official assurances that responsible agencies are keeping tabs on them.

The most humble pope ever took some time apart from his crusade to bring all Christian denominations into friendly unity with the Vatican, to “explain” if not justify the attack on the staff of the cartoonish magazine in Paris. He said that someone delivering a provocative insult should expect a “whack” in return. Speaking apparently off the cuff, the paunchy pontiff actually threw an air-punch at his aid to illustrate how he would react if someone insulted his mother. He went on to say that he supports freedom of expression, but, “You cannot insult someone’s faith.”

Really? He has, in all his humility, parted company with the God of the Bible, Who condemns all forms of idolatrous worship. Jesus himself insulted the hierarchy of religious Jews of His day, directly without any pretense of humor. What kind of punch will the pope throw if he should read the Book of Revelation (chapters 17 and 18) and its characterization of the institution he heads? And since when do words justifiably equal violence? Whatever happened to “turn the other cheek?” Islam had yet to be invented, but there is little doubt that the Savior would not hesitate to condemn and insult everything to do with the activities of those who practice and propagate that “religion.”

Our leaders continue to tell us that the murderous violence being perpetrated across the Middle East and Northern Africa where Muslims crucify, behead, and throw people from the tops of buildings, has nothing to do with the religion of Islam. It’s just the “few” who join up with one or two terrorist organizations that we should be concerned about. Mostly though, the president has been dedicating his efforts to matters having to do with the government subsidizing high speed internet service to remote regions, and making community college “free.”

Right alongside the latest news having to do with Europe’s realization of the terrorist danger in its midst, NASA is trying to tell us that 2014 was the hottest year on record, worldwide. That is in dispute, even by climate scientists, but you won’t learn that by listening to news breaks throughout the day. Since there is no more space program, apparently NASA has nothing better to do than fraudulently fear-monger about “global warming.” If they could only inspire some guilt about our way of life destroying the planet maybe they could get our minds off the terrorist threat, which is none of our concern seeing as how government agencies are on top of it. The apologists for Islam never hesitate to remind us that religious “extremists” are just as likely to be “Christian.”

Despite the show of solidarity in Paris, from which all top American officials excluded themselves, the meetings and press conferences, there is no reason to expect the scourge of terrorism to be defeated. It seems unbelievable that the combined might of the entire western world is helpless to do anything about the ever expanding “caliphate” currently carrying out slaughter and mayhem in Iraq and Syria. In fact, five more of the worst actors imaginable have just been released from Guantanamo Bay. It is known that some of the top commanders of ISIS were former detainees, having already been captured and released by the U.S. There is little doubt that these most recent five will be back in the thick of terrorism and jihad if they aren’t already. Unbelievably, the White House, State Department and the Pentagon unanimously agreed that they could “mitigate” any damage they might cause. But you feel better already.

Since Iran has been defiant and uncooperative in the interminable “talks” about their nuclear program, the U.S. president himself is talking about economic sanctions again, having just canceled such sanctions only a matter of months ago. Iran is very likely the most significant of dangers across the spectrum of Islamic jihadists, due to their missile capabilities and the fact that they may soon have nuclear bombs. But there is no plan, at least on the part of the United States, to put a stop to it.

You couldn’t write any more accurate a scenario to depict circumstances leading to anarchy and tribulation than what you’re seeing out of Europe, out of the Vatican, and yes, out of the oval office. We’ve got to keep our eyes open, share our insight, and hope others will have the gumption to realize where we are in the grand scheme of world events and Bible prophecy.


Mark Armstrong