Greetings from Tyler,

Sometimes a major development transpires that doesn’t get widespread attention for months.  In the case of the bombshell revelation dropped on Israel and its vast contingent of supporters here in the United States is the news that the current administration quietly eased sanctions against Iran and the shady international entities with whom Iran does business, months ago.  Meanwhile, the American Secretary of State is in Geneva in pursuit a “breakthrough” agreement which might free up some $50 billion in Iranian funds currently frozen in foreign banks.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is livid.  He went on record saying Israel “utterly rejects” proposals to make any such deal, a view “shared by many in the region.”  That statement is intended to include the Gulf oil kingdoms like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait which also fear Iranian intentions and are particularly worried over the implications of a nuclear-armed terrorist state.

There are reports that Saudi Arabia has already made arrangements to acquire nuclear weapons from Pakistan if the necessity arises.  This would no doubt set off an arms race throughout the Middle East making it the biggest, most volatile powder keg on earth.

Israel has not given up on the threat to “go it alone” against Iran if it perceives that its population is under immediate threat.  Such an action might actually be considered an act of war against the current U.S. administration at a time when it is obviously intent on romancing the mullahs.  It represents a mind-blowing departure from traditional American policy in the Middle East.  It also represents a direct departure from the sentiments of most of the American population.

But these days, what doesn’t?  Even the mainstream polls show that the president is now underwater with respect to the population’s approval of this administration’s policies.  The revelation that millions are losing access to their health-care arrangements is making the approval numbers go further south.  That doesn’t mean that a large percentage of the population isn’t still supportive of the government takeover.  The vast food-stamp crowd, and legions of government workers are holding out for the naked ploy to redistribute wealth to survive.  If that unholy alliance should become a majority voting bloc, then the impoverishment of the nation will be guaranteed.  This is a fear that America’s founders expressed and went to great lengths to guard against.  But it seems that every fail-safe valve has been compromised, including the one in our all important judicial branch of government, the Supreme Court.

The daily revelations of mass insurance cancellations, leaving millions (some of whom are clinging to survival with the help of the doctors familiar with their plight) seems to make everything we’ve been told, over and over again as if to kindergarteners in sing-song clarity, a huge lie.  Few want to apply the term to the president, but no other explanation makes any sense.  “Misspoke” just doesn’t seem to cover it, particularly given the “smoking gun memo” showing that the inner circle of presidential advisers knew and accurately predicted precisely what was going to happen at least three years ago.

He’s sorry for the misunderstanding but too bad if you’re left in the lurch, and your continued survival hangs in the balance.

It is hard to imagine how all this plays out.  Once the infrastructure of the free-market system has been dismantled in an attempt to force all citizens into a government system, is there any way that freedom can be reclaimed?

Some analysts are convinced that the current debacle was allowed to transpire by design, and that it has been allowed to fail visibly and spectacularly so that the government could move to “fix” the problem with a “single payer” system, rather than just government mandates on private concerns, and that system would be nothing short of the institution of communism run by the authoritarian agencies of government.

No doubt you’ve heard some of the anecdotal stories, such as the report that only one person has managed to sign up through the broken government web site, and his personal information has already been targeted by identity thieves.  Don’t worry, there will be plenty more where that came from as deadlines approach, and horribly embarrassing figures on the failure will have to be released from the crew in charge of this national catastrophe.  But then again, if the most cynical analysts are right, maybe this is how the administration wanted it to go down.

The United States has a history of tremendous prosperity through innovation and perseverance, and the atmosphere of freedom having been bestowed by our Creator.  That’s a lot of unfair, unjust racist malarkey to the political crowd currently transforming the nation.  There is no need for any of the hard work that earns prosperous rewards in a system that purports to provide everything to everyone.  America fought wars in the name of God and country to keep the ruinous socialist/fascist/communist ideology from impoverishing and enslaving the rest of the world.  But God and country no longer seem to have much in common.  We’ve been corrupted by entertainment and materialism to the point that our freedoms are being turned over to a government that doesn’t mind using blatant deception to implement its power over every aspect of life.

It falls right in line with the warnings of the prophets, as to the inescapable price to be paid by a rebellious nation that turns its back on God, relying on the “wisdom” of leaders who hate our national identity, despise the tenets of our founding and seek to overturn our freedoms by intervening in the most personal aspects of our lives.  It is destroying any hope of salvaging our national pride, power and prosperity.

The formerly predictable influence of the United States on world affairs is already in decline.  The greatest commanders of our military have been fired or retired, nearly two hundred of them in the past few years.  Morale among military ranks is reportedly at an all time low amid the ongoing attempt to emasculate the services with gays, lesbians, and unisex hats for the Marines.  Chaplains can perform gay marriages, but better not pray in the name of a “Christian” God.

It is easy enough to see that we no longer have a national identity with our allies or enemies, and that is why the prophetic scenario will transpire without participation from the world’s greatest superpower.  God is not the author of evil.  But He is not interfering with the Natural Laws that He put in motion, and we can all see the resulting toll taken on our nation and its institutions.
Mark Armstrong