Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 3 July 2015

Happy Fourth of July!

Apparently we’re all supposed to look forward to the annual holiday celebrating our national independence and freedom. But, as we’ve seen in countless examples of government policy and executive orders that favor socialist redistribution, a red carpet for the sea of illegal invaders, and most recently the Supreme Court demanding that we all be accessories to the blasphemous abomination of queer “matrimony,” it’s nigh unto impossible to get in the mood for celebration. The fact is, we’re less free by the minute. Anyone with a household name who dares defame the sanctity of queerdom is met with a barrage of scorn. It’s the “law of the land,” according to the Supreme Court whose majority presumes to shove the sinful perversion down the throats of all Americans.

This week we’ve seen how “insulting” the integrity of illegal immigrants crashing U.S. borders turns into a piling on that threatens all manner of business arrangements. Actually, Donald Trump was very mild in his depiction of the plague coming across the U.S. southern border. The statistics of our own government agencies, Homeland Security, Border Patrol and FBI show that rape is beyond common among girls and women smuggled into the U.S.

Have a look at the Ten Most Wanted depicted on the Los Angeles Police Department’s web site. Then go beyond the top ten to all wanted criminals by the LAPD. They don’t seem to designate which are here illegally. But you won’t be able to deny who’s committing the most heinous crimes. All but a handful are Hispanic, and a great many of their crimes are sex offenses, often against children.

This realization led to curiosity about the situation in Texas. Looking at the criminals wanted by the Texas Department of Public Safety showed nearly the same story, with one difference. All the male Latino’s wanted for crimes in the state of Texas are listed as White Males! How must that skew the national statistics? How many other states are designating Hispanic criminals as white males? We thought the doctrines of political correctness demanded they be spoken of as “people of color.”

Another influx may be about to further alter our demographic equation. Puerto Rico is failing. According to reports, some forty percent of Puerto Ricans are already living on the U.S. mainland. But Puerto Rico is broke, has no ability to claim bankruptcy and is starting to experience destitution just like Greece. It’s only a matter of time before another mass migration begins.

The economic crisis in Greece has begun to reach critical mass, as a three hundred million euro payment on its bail-out debt to the IMF is about to be missed. Maybe you’ve seen the reports about the banks being closed, debit and credit cards disabled, with depositors only able to withdraw the equivalent of 60 some dollars a day from their accounts.

As we’ve heard since the advent of German/IMF bailouts for Greece, an outright default could begin a “contagion” among the other debtor nations of southern Europe. The long-term fallout might just sink the whole EU concept, collapsing the euro in the process. More financial experts are predicting the end of the euro all the time. The EU project made for a common currency, but that has not brought prosperity or freedom to member nations. Maybe there will be some last-minute miracle to restructure Greece’s debt, putting default down the road another year or two. But, as you’ve seen, the people there are getting desperate. Banks have been closed, and even those who have money can’t retrieve it.

Many are leaving and trying to start over elsewhere in Europe. As spectacularly beautiful as Greece is, as great as the food may be, it’s not a very happy place amid so much uncertainty with basic necessities in short supply. Funny how socialism always breaks down.

It will break down here in the United States too. It is common knowledge that current U.S. spending outstrips available revenue, our national debt is on course to eclipse gross national product in the years ahead, and nobody can or will do anything about it. Fraud is rampant in nearly all government “programs.” 60 Minutes ran a program this week showing that some $21 billion per year is being lost to criminals who steal identities and file for other people’s tax refunds. It’s been going on for years already, and the problem is still growing without a solution. The fraudsters do this from home or wherever they happen to be, and can file for scores of other people’s refunds from their smartphones. What progress! And still there is no solution.

None of this can get the attention of those who purport to “lead” the nation. No, they are more interested in making sure queer activists have the upper hand over Christians who want to be left alone, illegal aliens who are entitled to the earnings of working Americans, and making sure Islam is not blamed for terrorism.

And then comes the pope. He’s busy holding meetings with the world’s most acrid opponents of capitalism, blaming the concept of earned prosperity for global warming. Anyone who doesn’t see it his way, including credentialed scientists with evidence to the contrary, are uninvited. He’s bringing his ridiculous road show to the United States in a few months to lobby and politic on behalf of socialism, open borders, and perhaps gay rights.

His meddling in matters that shouldn’t pertain to him may well have an impact on our next U.S. presidential election. How many of the so-called conservative candidates are Catholics? How many commentators are Catholic? A bunch of them are. So how will that skew their positions and the reporting that is done on it? Unfortunately, we’ll be finding out in due course if the current president doesn’t find a pretext to declare himself permanent.

Sadly, most Americans have it way too good to bother themselves with the reality of our national decline. If they’ve not heard the dire warnings coming from every pertinent agency on the looming threat of a terror attack on U.S. soil, maybe they’ll have a care-free celebration. We can hope the agency heads are wrong, and nothing terrible happens in conjunction with celebratory fireworks. But every aspect of our governance and dominant culture has embraced evil, and demanded we play along regardless of whatever outdated beliefs we may still hold. The truth no longer matters in the totalitarian environment that has swept the government, the media and the corporations that depend on remaining in the good graces of both.

May God have mercy on His Church, and His people wherever they may be. It’s hard to imagine that He would save a nation so absolutely committed to lies and myths, determined to exile and punish anyone who dares stand against the tide of evil.


Mark Armstrong