Isn’t it wonderful that we live in a nation that still believes in giving thanks, officially, to God the creator for our freedom and our unique blessings.  It is a central tenet of the founders that hasn’t yet been rendered irrelevant by regulation or legal action.  But it’s a wonder.

Everything for which we give thanks is in the cross hairs of a powerful political movement that seeks to regiment everybody into their proper role in a grand redistributive design.  Recent indications are that the masses are finally getting a clue, with an accumulating majority feeling rather melancholy about our current state of national affairs.  Nevertheless, there is a great deal for which we must be tremendously appreciative.  In fact, we hardly know where to start.

First, we must stand in humble awe at the fact of the unfathomable design of the universe, at the miracle of our perfectly placed earth in all its symbiotic complexity; for the miracles of life and reproduction; to the great men God dealt with down through the ages, through whom all great lessons and truth were revealed; to our Founding Fathers who endeavored to secure the natural blessings of cooperation with God’s laws for future generations of Americans; for our parents who produced us, loved and nourished us when we were helpless.

The list of things we have to be thankful for is just about endless, and efforts to sum it all up will always fall short.  My Dad used to speak in terms of “every breath we take,” and sure enough, life itself is a great blessing.  But we have so much more than just life. As we look at the state of affairs all around the world, we can’t help but realize how blessed we are.

We can only hope our nation will continue to remember why we observe this wonderful holiday, and remember that blessings like these can only come from God.

Mark Armstrong