Greetings from Tyler,

Can anything stop the revocation of our God-given liberties?  That is a question that cannot be answered at present.  Certainly the leaders attempting to force us all under complete government surveillance and management have suffered tremendous humiliation over the past couple of weeks.  The most recent polls show their popularity plummeting with the realization that they knew their promises were false even before they made them.

But the insufferable arrogance is intact, if slightly muted.  They apparently don’t care that they’ve been exposed, or that a growing majority of Americans are incensed.  The obvious intent is to adhere to the regimentation of health care, whether those paying for it like it or not.  They’re just sure that everyone will change their minds once the thing is fully implemented, if that is even possible.

But Americans are not the only ones realizing that our elected leaders’ word is no good.  This situation, reverberating constantly in our domestic news, is getting play all around the world.  The unmistakable moral of the story is that American leadership is willing to engage in all manner of subterfuge and deceit without conscience.  It doesn’t bode well for our standing in the world.  All vestige of respect and trust that America has earned over the last century have vanished.

The Israelis no longer trust our administration, and the relationship could hardly be more tense.  Egypt, having suffered tremendously as a result of a misplaced U.S. government affection for the Muslim Brotherhood, is turning to Russia for friendship.  Alongside our president, Putin looks like a more reliable partner.  The loss of our relationship with Egypt will be a major factor going forward.

The gulf kingdoms think we must have lost our minds, trying to broker an arrangement with Iran that will revive its economy, but not curtail its nuclear program.  The Saudis reportedly have nuclear weapons on order from Pakistan, and if the situation isn’t remedied, a nuclear arms race across the region is virtually guaranteed.

We’ve also lost our reputation in Europe.  Germany is now the undisputed leader in Europe, and they’re being encouraged to take on ever more responsibilities, even by the United States.  The UN now invites Germany to take part in every important diplomatic event.  Whether international conferences about finance, or nuclear proliferation, the phrase you will see in headlines is “Plus 1.”  That means that all the members of the club will be in attendance, plus 1.  That one is Germany.  Apparently all of the strict measures introduced at the end of World War II, intended to remain permanently in place so that Germany could never again wreak havoc, are forgotten.

Americans worried about economic prospects, or whether or not they’ll have insurance in a medical emergency are paying little attention to the dangers mounting overseas, due to the same kind of arrogant deception we are experiencing.  There may be a glimmer of hope that our domestic future can be salvaged now that so many deceitful machinations are coming to light.  Surely the Natural Laws that govern our universe will not spare those who so blatantly violate them!   No they won’t.

The question is what price the country will pay, and what price the world will pay for the damage that’s been done to our currency and to our national reputation.  Sadly, it looks beyond repair.

I’d like to thank the members and visitors who attended with us last week in High Point, North Carolina for their participation and hospitality.  The meeting was held in a sizable banquet room with round table and tablecloths for the luncheon that followed.  We had 65 in attendance with at least a handful of non-members visiting.  In addition to the Update I brought, Mr. Aaron Adkins gave a solid, trunk of the tree sermon leaving no doubt that we have remained absolutely faithful to the truth once delivered.  It was great to get to spend time with a great bunch of people we don’t get to see that often.

We sincerely love and appreciate them all!

Mark Armstrong