Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 18 September 2015. Traversing the news impacting world headlines in a prophetic light.

Greetings from Tyler,

Here they come, and they’ll keep coming! The European Union is now being charged, rhetorically, with fascism. Urgent meetings with national leaders found that member states, particularly those of Eastern Europe do not want to comply with “quotas” to accept and support tens of thousands of Muslims streaming in from Syria and numerous other states that have dissolved in anarchy. Three hundred thousand some odd are already in Europe, and millions more may be on the way. In Hungary, which has been overrun with tens of thousands on their way to more prosperous European nations, top officials are talking in terms of thirty million or more flooding out of heavily populated war-zones all over the Middle East. That ought to give them a dose of their beloved multiculturalism!

Here we go with this Marxist “fair share” terminology again. While Germany is taking steps to stem the Muslim tide, it is still demanding that all the other EU nations accept their “fair share” of refugees or face consequences. What consequences? Economic consequences, military consequences? EU spokesmen are using the word “force,” so who knows? Some believe that the Muslim onslaught further guarantees the demise of the European Union, already fraught with economic distress.

It may also fuel a rise in nationalism among the nation states, something that was supposed to soon disappear under the open-borders policies of the EU.

Funny that those who may bear the most responsibility for kicking off the Muslim migration are the chief experts on how the crisis should be handled. Angela Merkel appeared to roll out the welcome mat to Syrian refugees in statements that were seen around the world. Now Germany is pushing all European nations to accept large numbers of them.

President Obama’s hasty retreat out of Iraq and uncertain posture toward Syria surely had plenty to do with the ability of ISIS to seize territory sending refugees fleeing in all directions. Now he’s the foremost expert on what to do about the refugee crisis, even demanding the UK accept their “fair share.”

No doubt the pope’s actions and pro-refugee statements in Europe had something to do with millions of Muslims believing they’d be accepted and cared for if only they could get themselves to Europe. Now the “poorly camouflaged Marxist” (as he’s been called) is coming to the United States to lecture us about our “Christian” obligations to support refugees and believe fervently in global warming.

Isn’t it interesting that nearly all prominent world leaders are forcing their culturally destructive socialist/communist ideologies down our throats?

But the pope thought Obama had gone a bit too far when he found out that he’d be greeted at the White House welcoming ceremony next week by a trans-gender, a “gay” nun and a homosexual priest. Apparently he didn’t appreciate having this particular crew forced upon his arrival party. But this is exactly the kind of thing that’s been forced on the entire American population. And the pope plans to force his anti-American political agenda upon us all in the name of “Christianity!”

Both the American president and the pope bear substantial responsibility for having contributed to the refugee crisis. Now they’ve got all the answers as to how everybody else must accept and deal with the problem they helped instigate!

Any misgivings about the overwhelming influx of “military age” young men into western societies is immediately branded racist. But the Muslim Middle East was the ideological ally of Hitler in the persecution and attempted annihilation of the Jews. The State of Israel was created by a similar exodus of Jews out of Europe into their traditional homeland. Now Arabs are flooding out of the Middle East into Europe, and no doubt vast numbers will be shipped to the United States in coming months if not years.

Talk about “overloading the system!” Not only will this crisis place additional burdens on Europe’s already fragile economic situation, it may well alter the culture and political equation in ways we have yet to contemplate. To say that Europe has been “destabilized” may be the understatement of the decade. This may well be the catalyst that will bring about demands for a “strong-man” to take control and rectify the situation.

What’s left of freedom in Europe may be a casualty of this crisis. We’ve certainly seen a great many of our freedoms curtailed in the United States as a result of September 11, 2001. Look what we face at the airport. Look at the thought police who descend on any public figure who insults the “integrity” of uncivilized, sometimes murderous foreigners thrust into our midst.

We’ve been talking for years about the loss of blessings, the importation of poverty and crime that would result by a massive influx of unknown foreigners from the most violent, destitute places on earth. How big will this invasion become? What will its consequences ultimately be?

Stories are out there claiming that the current administration is working around laws to try to give citizenship to the millions of illegal aliens in the United States PRIOR to the next presidential election. If that be the case, the United States will never recover from the current malaise. Meanwhile we find that the president is pushing queers and lesbians into ever more positions of great authority, in the military and in federal agencies. Just today, an openly “gay” man has been nominated to be Secretary of the Army. No doubt the Senate will confirm him if for no other reason than to escape accusations of bigotry.

Australia just ditched its Prime Minister, Tony Abbot, for one Malcolm Turnbull to lead its “Liberal” party, which means “conservative” in Australia. He’s all about global warming and “gay marriage,” so the cultural rot in that nation just got a tremendous boost as well.

It would be hard to contemplate a set of circumstances any more devastating to the blessings of freedom. Nearly all current western world leaders are determined to force anti-God mandates upon us at all costs. True Christians all over the world are under siege and in a seemingly impossible predicament. What we can do is worship the One True God, obey His commandments, keep His Sabbath and commanded Holy Days and pray for help during these times preceding the implementation of His Kingdom.


Mark Armstrong