Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 17 April 2015

Greetings from Tyler,

Most people, even those who pay attention to important developments around the world, have yet to realize that the blueprint for universal, “One World Christianity” has already been drawn up and is in the process of being implemented. None other than the Catholic pope is leading the charge. It is interesting but alarming that the harmless, humble little pontiff is on the same page with the United Nations and with the most arrogant dictatorial president the United States has ever seen, on nearly every subject.

Hold on to your hat, because it is about to become religious heresy to deny man-made global warming! As you’ve heard time and again, current leadership is way beyond arguing the issue any further. With every dire prediction having failed and hallowed, UN funded scientific institutions caught red-handed in willful deception, why would proponents refuse to discuss the matter, resorting now to personal attacks on naysayers? The reason is simple.

The only evidence they could muster for the theory mobilized to socialize western economies was fraudulent. A great many, if not most “green” companies formed for the purpose of receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in government grants had no sound economic justification, wasted a great deal of money on the appearance of legitimacy, and were shuttered by scoundrels who walked away with millions paid to themselves. There are dozens of such concerns that were touted as our energy salvation, funded generously by an administration purporting to “save the planet” at any cost to citizens with no say in the matter.

The list of failed, government funded “green ventures” is staggering, the economic damage incalculable. Solyndra, Ener1, Abound Solar, Beacon Power, Evergreen Solar, Range Fuels, SpectraWatt, Satcon, ReVolt, and on and on goes the list. They received hundreds of millions in grants and government loan guarantees totaling into the tens of billions of dollars. Where are they now? Oh, the CEO’s, many of whom were big political donors have got it made, but the outfits they founded for the purpose of receiving massive infusions of other people’s money, they’re gone. Bankrupt.

The moral of this story is that there’s not enough money on earth to make solar or wind power economically practical, or anywhere near capable of generating the energy consumption of modern society. The next step is to make this nonsense a moral imperative. Not only a moral imperative, but a religious imperative. The pope is writing a much anticpated encyclical on the subject, which means it is about to take on the significance of doctrine in the Catholic church. But it won’t just be the Catholic church. As we pointed out in Twentieth Century WATCH, it will be the protestant organizations as well, the Mega-churches, and all but a few of us who are not about to buy in to a pack of lies.

Doctrines of the coming Universal Religion are already apparent, and in the process of being sold, or rather imposed by the socialist in chief, the portly pontiff, the dis-United non-Nations, and sanctimonious screechers everywhere. That will include the religious imperative to get cozy with homosexuality, and support (in the truest sense of the word) immigrants by the millions.

Here they come, laden with drugs, weapons, diseases, and not a smidgen of human empathy. Rules of engagement have been ratcheted to the point that border patrol agents are relegated to the role of spectators. When they do catch somebody from the Middle East, Africa or some eastern European outpost they have to turn them over to the Feds where they’ll be let go to disappear into society. When they’re caught committing additional crimes, they’re let go again, and again. Lovely for peace, safety and prosperity, these new-age doctrines of social-justice Christianity.

Lump those in with the trinity, the pope as a god on earth with most all denominations on board, eventually a one-world, perhaps digital currency which demands all users pledge allegiance, and you’ve got the makings of the end-time religion of blasphemy, Revelation style.

God’s Truth has become the most dangerous message on earth. Stand by it openly, and you become an easy target. Muslims are killing and torturing nominal Christians across North Africa and the Middle East. Global warming advocates are beginning to call for “branding” and various punishments for skeptics; militant homos are delivering death threats to any proprietor who refuses participation in their mock-religious ceremonies, the pope, the president, and the mainstream media are in league with their cause.

“Blessed are you when you are persecuted for righteousness sake.” That’s what we’ve got to hold on to while we watch our government, the pope, their media cheerleaders and churches everywhere compromise everything good and true.


Mark Armstrong