Weekly Update – by Mark Armstrong – 13 February 2015

Just today, illegals flooded Senate offices at the Capitol Building blockading hallways and chanting their demands. Capitol police had to be called in to remove them, arresting a handful in the process. But the illegals mustn’t be detained, or perish the thought, deported. They are here now, so according to recent executive orders they are entitled to all kinds of benefits. Under this kind of set-up, why wouldn’t the entire population of every third world country on earth be scheming to get here by any means necessary?

Today, the Washington Times reports that state elections officials have briefed Congress on the likelihood that large numbers of illegals will likely be voting in future elections. Since they’re being issued Social Security numbers and Drivers Licenses, what’s to stop them?

There’s no longer any point pretending that current American leadership is invested in preserving the integrity of this nation. We are branded racist to recognize the threat of Islamic jihad, heartless to expect border security, and selfish to oppose nanny-state handouts for all at the expense of our children and grandchildren. Government by, and for “the people” has been turned upside down.

While our concerns are directed largely toward developments in Europe, the Vatican and the Middle East, it is impossible not to recognize the aggressive momentum underway that will topple the United States from its role of leadership in the world and remove it from the equation of prophetic events.

Churches have done away with God’s Laws, the Pope flies by the seat of his frock on everything from homosexuality to global warming, and our society is so enthralled with entertainment that few have the slightest idea about the trouble that lies ahead. Most don’t want to hear it, but we will keep sounding the alarm and calling for people to realize where our blessings and every good thing came from, to turn our hearts and minds to God.

Mark Armstrong