Greetings from Tyler,

Nothing of value was learned, they tell us, when terrorists who were high value al Qaeda operatives were subjected to “enhanced interrogation.” That claim has been disputed by many, many specific examples of critical information obtained during the critical days and weeks in the aftermath of the 9-11 attacks, but as we often find is the case, facts make little difference to those with an agenda. Scandal of all scandals, the six thousand page report was released with tremendous fanfare to a mass media obsessed for weeks with the “racist police” narrative.

While demonstrations rage on both coasts and points in between, revolutionary anarchists roam anonymously amid crowds “community organized” by the usual suspects. They taunt police, rebelliously rejecting even their authority to keep the roads open. “Hands up, don’t shoot” they chant while blocking critical routes, streaming on foot around and through stranded drivers. The president explains, “A country’s conscience is triggered by some inconvenience.” Somewhere, community organizers are choreographing the celebration of lawlessness playing out nightly on every news outlet. Justification for the purported community “anger” is in ample supply, from the most transparent of race-hustlers to the highest of legal and political offices, as demonstrated in the quote.

Is there a trend here? Maybe it’s sheer coincidence that, one after another, agencies responsible for the security and safety of American citizens are being besmirched, demeaned, accused of racism, and defied. Over 20 businesses were looted and burnt to the ground LIVE during “peaceful” protests in Ferguson, MO over the belief of a witness account proven to be utterly false. DNA evidence proves incontrovertibly that “Hands up, don’t shoot” is a premeditated lie. But that hasn’t convinced the community organizers that there isn’t still a crisis to be exploited.

The police and sheriff’s departments are the only things standing between lawful society and anarchy. They are charged with the protection of law-abiding citizens within their jurisdictions. The Central Intelligence Agency is charged with protecting the United States and its interests from foreign threats. The agency has been up to its eyeballs in jihadists and terrorist plots of all kinds particularly since the 9-11 attacks, if anyone remembers.

We’re currently expected to recoil in horror as we’re subjected to a torrent of gory details intended to induce a vicarious experience of “torture.” Surely we’ll realize how truly wretched is the CIA once we’ve been subjected to the actual details of what’s gone on at Guantanamo Bay.

It is interesting that Senator Dianne Feinstein and others invested in the production and release of the damning report, were actually briefed on the exact details of “enhanced interrogation” in the weeks and months that followed the spectacle of destruction and death that we all witnessed on September 11, 2001. Many observers believe that she promoted the highly suspect “torture report” in a fury over the CIA having snooped on she and her staff on the suspicion that classified information was being leaked.

Regardless, the bombshell report relied almost exclusively on the terrorists’ lawyers, but absolutely nobody from the CIA. Lawyers for the terrorists are suspected to have actually authored major portions. This is not the first time these stories have been published, but the accuracy of these tales has been disputed by sources far more reputable than the terrorists who sold them to their lawyers. But regardless of the sources, or the spin currently saturating the national psyche, we know it’s bad. America has sinned, not so much against any particular detainee, but against our national conscience. At least that’s what the lofty speeches by offended parties in high places keep saying. While we’re undergoing a thorough purge of our collective conscience, the UN, and leaders from the U K’s David Cameron to Iran’s ayatollah and nearly every other nation on earth have hurried to condemn the U.S., the CIA, and demand that those who ordered, approved or carried out “enhanced interrogations” be identified and prosecuted. Maybe it will even provide another pretext for demonstrations.

When you consider the terror and the horrible deaths 9-11 victims died, the loss, psychological pain and trauma still haunting the survivors, it is beyond difficult to conjure up sympathy for whatever degradation may have been suffered by the perpetrators of such evil. Do these same government officials who are trying to lay a guilt trip on America while they besmirch the reputation of the intelligence agency responsible for finding and stopping those who would kill us all, have any problem with the release of dozens of these terrorists back to the Middle East? Are they shedding any tears for victims they’ve attacked, raped or beheaded since they were repatriated back to their terrorist lair?

That just wouldn’t fit the narrative of the current administration or their accomplices in the mass media. So, let them go ahead. See if they can make us feel guilty that there were those in place capable of inflicting enough inconvenience to trigger the impulse of the terrorists to give up the information that allowed the capture of scores of their buddies, and the killing of Osama bin Laden. And while they’re at it, maybe they should get their constituents to stop throwing fireworks and Molotov cocktails at police, get the anarchists out of the middle of the road, off the bridges and let the innocent passersby get home, to the store, the hospital or wherever else they need to go.

If terrorists must be squeezed, deprived of comfort and sleep, water boarded or whatever in order that their plots are derailed and thousands of innocent lives saved, then so be it. Will we have to suffer another event on the magnitude of September 11, 2001 or worse before the accusers get a grip?

On another subject, we’re finding that the Vatican’s longstanding crusade to get all of break-a-way “Christianity” to join in unity with the current pope has had far more success than we’ve realised to date. It will be the cover story for our upcoming issue of 21st Century WATCH.

P.S. Please remember Mrs. Jean Roberson in your prayers. She was hospitalized with pneumonia this week, but is reported to be improving. Also, Esther Apperson of Henderson, Nevada, 90 plus years of age has apparently suffered a debilitating stroke and is not expected to recover. On a brighter note, the Tyler congregation enjoyed a visit by Mr. Roger Lawrence from the Detroit area last Sabbath, and you will want to be sure to watch the message he delivered on the next DVD.


Mark Armstrong