January 22, 2021

Dear Members and Coworkers,

Not since the inauguration of Jimmy Carter has there been such an embarrassing moment in American history.  The only thing we haven’t heard yet is that they’re going to put the “national” speed limit back to 55 mph.  Remember?  If you were around, there’s no way you’ve forgotten.  Johnny Carson joked that he was driving to work one day, when he was overtaken by a jogger.  For years we watched our rear-view mirrors for speeding joggers; and got where we were going in nearly twice the time.  But you can’t be too safe, you know.  That was way back when comedy was still allowed.

We’ve heard about the blizzard of executive orders designed to erase the last four years from memory.  None of which were born of original thought.  If you’ve gotten wind of several cabinet appointments during your avoidance of mainstream outlets, you realize that we’ve just begun the third term of the fake messiah.

What a mandate they have!  Stacks of boxes containing never-handled, phony ballots.  Would somebody please find the people who represent those stacks of paper?  Where are those people, demanding that the U. S. re-enter the most expensive of global organizations, those most determined to take what’s left of sovereignty?  Those tens of millions who can’t wait to see the country completely overrun with desperate refugees fleeing oppressive governments.  Maybe they haven’t heard what’s happened and where we’re now headed.  If they had, they might just flee back to … wherever it was. Where are those that demand the government come down hard on whoever disagrees about anything?  Freedom of speech is apparently something to be rooted out of history, not to mention current practice.  You can’t advocate for some idea that hasn’t been approved by people smarter than you.  No cold water may be thrown at pet theories, all scientifically studied and peer reviewed, mind you.  What are you, a “science denier?”

Even trying to avoid so-called “news” sources, we’re already getting a heavy dose of the clap trap we thought we’d left behind four short years ago.  They’re already starting again to “make sure.”  It had to be one of the favorite phrases of the one who will once again be calling the shots from behind the scenes.  That’s right, they’re just going to make sure they’re making sure, and we’ll either nod in agreement or…we’ll see.

Whatever happened to rebellion?  Quite of few of us remember the ‘60s, and the massive rebellion movement.  They thought they’d invented backtalk to the authorities.  Nothing was off limits.  They had the ability to engage in FREE SPEECH, which of course included boycotts, sit-ins and you can read all about it, for the time being.  The more radical elements among them included the likes of the “weather underground,” and as far as they were concerned, violence against property and institutions was free speech.  Never mind that there was some loss of life caused by their fire-bombings, collateral damage mind you. It couldn’t be helped, and their cause was greater than the lives lost anyway, as they saw it.  These radical yahoos who could say anything, including the most vile things you can imagine, are now telling us what we must think, do and say, or else!  They now control the levers of power, and we’ve been shown how serious they are in the opening days.  Free speech?  The crowd who weaned the movement in the 60’s is not about to put up with it now.  Anti-facist much?

You must agree that a man who gets a certain surgery can suddenly become a woman.  If you don’t think that’s the case, then you must be crazy.  Certifiably.  Criticism or back talk?  In your dreams.  You better forget it.  They know what you’re thinking and you’re way out of line.  They’ll root out every last vestige of unapproved thought, or so they think.  Don’t kid yourself, this means Christianity.  It turns out that the Word of God condemns nearly everything they stand for, need we elaborate?

The Bible says, “Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.”  That’s clearly talking about rebellion against God’s mandates, which have supposedly all been outdated with the passage of time.  Don’t you know what year it is!  What are you, some kind of throwback?  You want to take us back to the 1950’s?  The movement that has just claimed power, by whatever means that must not be discussed, is dedicated to the stamping out of all contrary communication and thought.  Big tech is one of their enforcers.  You’ve seen what happens to people and their businesses if they buck the party line, no matter how nonsensical.  Several of their main “causes” stand in direct opposition to God’s word.  So, now what?

We can’t seem to do much about defrauded elections.  Maybe we don’t approve of the fact that big tech has become so indispensable, that despite the fact that the architects and operators hate the existence of the United States and are partnering with its enemies, we don’t want to offend our “friends.”  How will everybody stay in touch?  It seems everybody wants to be famous, and the best way to convince themselves they are a media star is to put a video clip on the Internet where they can display what a grand life they’re living.  Maybe the thugs don’t realize it, but their contrived fame is what the authorities are using to piece together otherwise difficult crimes.  As soon as the Police are abolished that shouldn’t be a problem anymore.  But I digress.

Many of us cannot bear to watch news anchors lie straight faced any longer.  We know they know better, which is what boils our blood.  The dismantling of a nation that held such promise is too painful to witness on a daily basis.  We have to watch and warn, but no way can a patriot’s physical constitution hold up in the face of such insanity.  Tell us later.  Don’t make us witness the destruction minute by minute.

We’ve been blessed above all nations and all people to have lived under a Constitution that guaranteed our freedoms.  There are still judges, presumably, that will rule in it’s favor when push comes to shove.  Some of the best advice for those who plan to buck the onslaught is to get a lawyer.  You’re going to need one.  That’s if there’s any hope of surviving the purge, which is already underway.

Everybody’s sick at heart for the kids and grandkids.  What kind of world are they going to grow up in?  Will history be altered to such an extent that they’re never to know what freedom we had?  History is being rewritten as you read this letter.  The statues that reminded us have largely been torn down.  But even with the great victory over freedom, the rabble-rousers are still robbing and burning.  It will never be enough for the anarchists.  They’ll continue their rampage, as they have, demanding the anarchy for which they yearn.

We’ve got something they can’t beat, if we remain faithful.  Let them go up against the Creator, and we’ll see how that turns out.  Let them denounce and defy the Almighty God.  Maybe they’ll convince themselves that they’re supreme in their addled brains.  God is not mocked.  We may be powerless to do much about it.  But evil does not succeed in the long run, as we’ll see.  Our nation can’t and won’t save us.  In fact, it’s showing no interest in doing anything but punishing those who love America and its Constitution.  But that awesome document, contrived by great men who believed in God, His Word and precepts isn’t dead yet.  It was based on natural law and the known Hand of God when He’s seen fit to interfere in man’s affairs.  May He do so again.  It’s a prayer.


Mark Armstrong

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