Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 8 April 2016

Greetings from Tyler,

It’s beginning to look as though the Constitutional guarantees of freedom of assembly and freedom of speech are becoming casualties of the fascist protest movement showing up at numerous presidential campaign events of both parties. News organizations have sent interviewers into the ranks of protesters to ask for some sort of logical explanation of their protests, regularly branding candidates as racist bigots on both sides of the political equation.

These people obviously have been “organized” for the purpose of protest, and cannot even answer the simplest of questions as to what they’re doing or why. The widely replayed video recorded in New York’s Bronx area showed angry “immigrants” saying they are out there “on the front lines of the global warming fight each and every day!” And that nonsense was spewed with obvious anger and hatred. You have to wonder if these “protesters” can even tie their own shoes. But there they are, political activists for open borders, socialist redistribution of other people’s earnings, making demands and threats.

As border control agents complain that they have been ordered to simply release illegal aliens they’ve caught entering the United States,   illegals continue to stream over the border in groups as large as 100 at a time. Border agents apprehended a group of 102 this week in the Rio Grande Valley near the town of Fronton. The article, published by an ABC news affiliate says residents are regularly unnerved by the sound of gunfire from across the Mexican border, and that there is constant activity in and around their small town with illegal aliens and drug smugglers trying to avoid capture. The article ended by saying that they watched this large group of illegals being loaded onto Greyhound buses. There is no word as to where they were taken. But given the testimony of the Border Patrol, chances are they were released without so much a “notice to appear” for a court hearing.

This week also saw reports of five beheadings believed to have been carried out by the drug cartels just south of the Texas border, complete with photographs of the victim’s severed heads in ice chests. It’s a little unnerving when the Border Patrol says it’s being forced to release people out onto American streets with no idea as to who they are, what crimes they may have committed or what they’re capable of.

The Obama administration is adamant that the United States accept at least 10,000 Syrian refugees. According to the Washington Examiner, a “surge operation” has been established in Amman, Jordan to “process” and clear “refugees” to be transported here by the “deadline” of September 30. The report claims that the first “family” has already been flown to Kansas City this week.

When you look at the mayhem breaking out across Europe, you might wonder why a U. S. president is adamant that America follow the same path. They’ve just arrested another five terrorists they were looking for in Brussels, and they think one of them may be the “man in the white hat” seen with the suicide bombers in airport security video. He’s apparently been holed up in one of the city’s Muslim ghettos, protected and hidden from authorities by that “community” until a police raid a day or two ago. Authorities believe he may also have been involved in the January Paris massacre.

A report in the Daily Mail UK says that a “staggering” number of European citizen jihadis (meaning people of Middle Eastern origin granted citizenship or their European born children) are returning to Europe amid the “refugee” influx after having gone to Syria to join ISIS. They’ve arrived back in Europe either with no identification, or with forged Syrian documents. Europe has already had a real good look at its future, with massacres in Paris and Brussels. Life will likely never be the same for European citizens, who now have to try to navigate around the immigrant crime wave. And in the age of political correctness, everyone will be constantly inconvenienced by heightened security measures.

All of these stories are widely reported in the British press and will factor into the referendum on Britain’s continued membership in the European Union, scheduled to be held June 28. It is interesting to note that the “man in the white hat” from the Brussels airport bombing is believed to have traveled to England in recent years to meet with fellow jihadists.

The EU is on a collision course to collapse, politically and economically. The end result is not entirely clear. But the Bible foretells a completely different kind of power than the wilting European Union.

It’s hard to be optimistic about where we’re headed here in the United States too. Current leadership has been aggressively importing Muslims from northern Africa and the Middle East, releasing huge numbers of illegal aliens from Mexico and points south, while releasing hundreds of hardened criminals from prison. These are the things that are being done publicly. There’s no telling what else is going on without notice to the news media. It’s still very early in the last year of the current president’s term, so much damage yet to be done.

And the upcoming election? Oh no. Not a single one seems to have been able to rise above the low level of insults and personal accusations to provide much hope of a return to the strength and dignity that used to be synonymous with the miracle of freedom and prosperity in the United States of America. This election year is shaping up to be a nightmare of protests and angry cries of “racist bigot” no matter which of the candidates comes out on top. It looks likely that we’re in for grim disappointment of one kind or another.

The question is, how bad will it have to get before people wake up to the trouble we’re in? If Iran or North Korea manage to make good on any of their threats, it will be a little late to get a grip on reality. We still have time to prepare, and to get right with God.


Mark Armstrong