Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 6 May 2016


Greetings from Tyler,

A great many, including and perhaps especially conservatives, appear to be on the brink of a nervous breakdown over Donald Trump’s victory in the primary elections. Some are absolutely convinced that he’ll run roughshod over the Constitution, rule like a dictator and use the power of government to punish political enemies. There are definitely some examples of petty and perhaps ruthless actions taken during the decades building his real estate empire. Many respected leaders have gone on the record to sabotage his chances of being elected as President, and documentaries are planned to expose some of the worst examples of his behavior.

Mr. Trump’s speeches and rallies seem to have staked out positions both ultra-conservative and ultra-liberal, from the promised border wall to government sponsored health care. His presumptive opponent, Hillary Clinton has campaigned on the record of Barack Obama in hopes of carrying the same demographics that propelled him into office twice. Needless to say, she’s got a closet full of aging skeletons in addition to some pretty serious legal problems that have yet to be resolved. We’ll sum it up by saying that this will be one of the most contentious, volatile elections we’ve ever experienced.

London, England has just elected the city’s first Muslim Mayor. That should be a lesson that the world can learn from in terms of western democracies allowing demographics to be altered to the point that foreign immigrants actually have the voting power to swing the results of elections. The immigrant constituency is already a major factor in nearly every race, and given current trends may ultimately become the deciding factor.

In recent weeks and months we’ve watched European sentiment change toward the vast streams of Muslim immigrants. Local and regional elections have seen formerly insignificant anti-immigration parties grow in popularity while anger has risen against the established parties and entrenched leadership. Two weeks ago we highlighted one such election in Austria. It looks likely that this phenomenon will further imperil an already beleaguered European Union, deep in debt and rapidly losing popular support.

The pope is alarmed! He made the “cause of immigrants” his defining message from the beginning. Now, in the wake of shifting attitudes toward the effect Muslim immigration is having on personal safety and crime in cities and towns across the continent, the pope has spoken out once again to scold Europeans for their well-founded reaction. “What has happened to you, the Europe of humanism, the champion of human rights, democracy and freedom? What has happened to you Europe, the home of poets, philosophers, artists, musicians and men and women of letters?” He was speaking in the Vatican accepting the “Charlemagne Prize” to an audience that included several European leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merckel who, perhaps following the pope’s early admonishments, was the one most singularly responsible for enticing the mass Muslim migration.

He alluded to the “founding fathers” of the EU, saying they inspired “the pursuit of integration.” The pope went on to say that instead of building walls, Europe should be building bridges. Bridges to where? Has the pope not seen the depths of depravity that the Muslim “asylum seekers” have brought to European cities? Has he no idea of the crime wave sweeping the land, the rapes, muggings, murders, and terrorist plots? Did he miss the Paris massacre, the Brussels airport bombing? For him to keep pretending that these are just poor destitute families fleeing war zones has to be intentionally ignorant of the fact that the vast majority of all major crimes being committed across Europe are by Muslim immigrants. In Denmark, nearly nine out of ten crimes are committed by “non-western” immigrants.

The pope is miffed about some European countries erecting fences so that there will be some element of control over how many are coming at a time, and from where. We haven’t heard of any “walls” being built in Europe. But it is curious that the pope was speaking from within the protection of the Vatican wall, where very strict controls exist over who comes to visit and who stays. The pope made a big production of going to one of the Greek islands and bringing back three families to reside within that wall. Three families! That hardly gives him a bully pulpit from which to lecture the western world. Presumably the “wall” that he invokes is the one promised by an American presidential candidate. You know, the one Mexico will pay for?

The current American president must be relishing the pope’s diatribe. He recently went to London to admonish the British to remain in the European Union before going to Germany to engage in a slobberfest with Angela Merckel, both congratulating each other for their righteous embrace of a third-world invasion of the west.

The UN is hard at work, conferring “refugee status” upon large numbers from the Middle East and from Central America so that they can be flown into the United States and begin receiving their “benefits” immediately. Western civilization is under a full-blown invasion under the excuse of empathy, mercy and helping the poor. But who will help the poor when peace and prosperity have been trampled out of existence, and the west is a seething hotbed of crime and poverty. That’s where this model and these policies are leading. There’s no guarantee that it can be turned around, assuming there is leadership with that intent. Shades of tribulation have already appeared and it is obvious that western leadership, cheered along by the pope at Rome, is all too happy to oblige.

We have no idea what lies ahead for the short-term future of the United States, beyond several hundred thousand more demanding foreigners. But Europe is in immediate crisis. And the pope, the American president and current EU leadership are encouraging it. How long before the descendants of Israel realize that it is our own decadent rejection of God’s Laws that have brought us down, to be abused by self-righteous leaders and placed in great peril. How long?



Mark Armstrong