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Quite a lesson for the United States and for the world is playing out in Venezuela.  You might call it the “Fruits of Socialism.”  No, we’re not talking about Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon and Shepard Smith, but it’s a lesson for them too.  They’ve taken for granted that the vast majority of Americans have bought into the “righteousness” of socialism, the “sacred” practices of abortion, homo-sexuality and now the ultimate trans-gender sacrament.  All that and more has to be mixed in with “free” health care, income equality, government-enforced environmental mandates, open borders and generous subsidies for all comers.  The mainstream media insists this is what a majority of us want in the United States, and they’ve got the poll results to prove it!

Venezuela got part of that “right.”  It got the part about the government seizing the natural resources, taking over profitable businesses and then redistributing those assets to the population, “equally.”  It hasn’t worked out too well, as all news out of the oil-rich nation demonstrates.  No, Venezuela is the current poster-child for socialism.  The national currency is in free-fall, becoming so worthless that currency notes are being used in ground-level street art, and the impoverished passersby, desperate as they may be, don’t even bother to take it.  The streets are littered in filth, people are tired of waiting for hours in lines to government-run stores where few necessities are available. Demonstrations have taken over the streets of Caracas, as pitched battles rage against military forces.  Some 125 are reported to have been killed by government forces this year.

The vote which has just transpired in Venezuela purports to give the emerging dictator, President Nicolas Maduro, extra-constitutional powers.  But the vote was rigged, and everybody knows it. Certain opposition politicians have had their homes raided in the middle of the night, and one was shot to death on the night of the vote.  Nearly every other South and Central American nation plus Spain, even those who’ve embraced socialism, have declared the vote a sham.  But you have to look for this kind of news, it doesn’t fit with the mainstream narrative.

And you know what the mainstream narrative is.  It is geared unapologetically to the removal of President Donald Trump.  They are outraged at his statement saying that the goals of the military are inconsistent with “trans-gender” issues, and that they are no longer welcome among the ranks.  Some gasped with outrage, claiming that there are between 2,000 and 11,000 currently in the services.  That seems like quite a spread of estimation.  One article claimed there are 7,000, which seems unbelievable until the realization dawned that that number was chosen because it’s on the high side of the previous estimate.  Apparently, the military services, under the Obama administration was actively recruiting them, promising free “medical care,” which could range from hormone injections to major surgery of the elective variety. So, there may be thousands, but it’s doubtful.   Criticism was quick to come, as well as claims that trans-gender “medical needs” represented only a tiny fraction of military health care costs.  What’s next?  Surely, he wouldn’t move to eliminate those same-sex marriage ceremonies from military bases?  That would really put us on the wrong side of history.

There are many compelling cases to be made of Divine intervention in military clashes, some of which relate to the Revolutionary War and America’s founding.  But any reading of Israel’s military fortunes contained in the Bible shows that God will certainly intervene when He sees fit.  Somehow, the promotion of gay and trans-gender issues within our fighting forces during the Obama years would seem to place our military outside of God’s favor.  Whether you’ve noticed or not, the exploits of the American military have not exactly been successful in recent years.  In fact, the military complex itself has suffered a lack of needed provisions and a lack of readiness in recent years.  Maybe it’s brazen commitment to things God condemns has played into that, but no one would dare suggest such a thing.

How far have we come?  Do we, nationally, no longer need God’s favor?  President Trump has no doubt infuriated the homosexual news anchors with the line he’s used repeatedly in his speeches. “We don’t worship government, we worship God.”  Socialism and Communism don’t include any such sentiment.  The dictates of “political correctness” scoff, not only at the existence of God, but at all who believe in Him.  The forces of education and of mass communication have pulled out all the stops.  Those who believe in God are the enemies of “progress,” not to mention “progressivism,” and to the latter we’d have to say, “Guilty as Charged.”  Thanks very much, but we don’t want to end up like Venezuela!

Mark Armstrong

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