Greetings from Tyler,

In the midst of incredible “progress” brought about by the socialist pontiff, the German Chancellor and the humiliated ex – U. S. president, we’ve seen the election of a man who won the world’s most powerful job by promising to make the safety and prosperity of American citizens his top priority.  He pledged to put a stop to the mass importation of Muslim “refugees” and other assorted travelers from terrorist havens where no central government exists, and where there is no reliable way to check anyone’s personal history.  He also stated his intention to rid American cities and towns of the illegal alien criminal element.

Isn’t it odd, how criminal illegal aliens have been cast as the poor victims of a heartless Trump administration that doesn’t care about “breaking up families?”  If that’s odd, how about the fact that a great many, if not a majority of “Christian” religious institutions now consider it their highest calling to create a “sanctuary” for illegal aliens and quietly settle as many Muslim “refugees” as possible at government (taxpayer) expense in obscure locations across America.  The redirected “ministries” are paid (reportedly $2,000 per refugee) for their trouble, but reportedly must sign a contract agreeing not to proselytize in order to participate in the profitable enterprise.

If that’s not right out of the pope’s play-book!  Forget preaching and teaching the Gospel.  Your redefined Christian duty is to get as many practicing heathens as possible into local communities, collect a bounty for your trouble, and agree not to mention anything about your Christian beliefs under pain of losing your “refugee resettlement” contract.  Isn’t that what the New Testament is all about?

Sweden was already headlined in news stories about rapes, murders (including one of a young female volunteer helping out at a housing center), assaults, burglaries and nighttime gang activity.  But when President Trump alluded to a documentary segment he’d seen on Sweden, the media went nuts.  “He obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about!”, was the oft-repeated refrain of the mainstream outlets.  The Swedish Prime Minister called Trump out and criticized his lack of good intelligence.  A female Swedish reporter materialized out of nowhere to say there is no immigrant crime problem in her country.  That was the night before a Stockholm suburb was lit up by burning cars during a riot caused by Police daring to violate the boundaries of a no-go zone.  That was just last week, you can look it up.

So a popular British television presenter decided to travel to Sweden to try to get to the truth of the situation in Sweden, which has settled some 200,000 Muslims from Eritrea, Somalia, Afghanistan etc.  She found that there is universal insistence across all polite society, that Sweden is Utopia, period.  For any Swede to say anything negative regarding the influx of Muslim migrants would be an attack against the national credo, and result in one being singled out as an unpatriotic racist and publicly shamed, if not prosecuted.  The British reporter told of a woman she met, whose apartment had recently been burglarized, and whose car had been torched, and told how she and many others are hiding indoors, afraid to venture out particularly at night.  She refused to be photographed or named, because the retribution from Swedish “feminists” would be ruinous if she should take her story public.

Sweden is not the only example of this.  Similar threats exist in France and Germany and are promoted by leaders of the EU, who can censor, fine or prosecute anyone who speaks or writes in a defamatory manner against any culture or, perish the thought, religion.  That threat was defended on American television by an EU official this week, who insisted that such policies advanced by the European Union Parliament were reasonable and necessary.  When you consider the evidence before us, it’s hard not to conclude that “Christianity,” such as it is with the mainstream churches, has charted a similar path.

Thank God for our Constitution, our freedom of religious practice and our freedom of speech in the United States of America.  Activists on our Supreme Court, two of whom were planted there by President Obama, forced “gay” marriage and the socialist health care “mandate” upon a population frightened to object lest they be branded racist, bigoted and “homophobic,” (oh yeah, we’re scared to death).  Even with the advent of the Trump presidency, it’s not at all clear that the “social justice” philosophy infecting the courts, media and educational institutions will be overcome.

Depending on your media sources, you might be led to believe that the new administration is already on the brink of self-inflicted destruction.  You might conclude that the Attorney General plotted with Russian spies to attack the electoral system in the United States.  You might well entertain all manner of dark suspicions promoted in a litany of false reports and endless speculations.

“Kill it before it grows,” might be the most accurate sentiment of the mainstream media’s approach to the Trump presidency.  Michael Flynn had to step down as National Security Advisor due to the constant drumbeat of “collusion with the Russians.”  Now Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions is under withering attack and frequent demands for resignation.  “He lied to the U. S. Senate and now must resign!”, they say over and over, knowing full well he didn’t and wouldn’t.

There’s no way on earth we’d have a Trump presidency if blatant dishonesty hadn’t become so mainstream.  The good people of the United States have choked on one monstrous whopper after another, validated by the most influential media outlets on earth.  If we were to begin a list right here, it would go on, single space for page after page.  From insurance plans to police encounters to multi-culturalism, the religion of peace and trans-gender bathroom mandates, the White House, the courts and the media just kept shoveling until it appeared that the whole American experiment might get buried under the weight of, well, politically correct nonsense.  Whence came President Trump.

Now, what about Europe?  If you think the delusions promoted here cried out for someone to call foul, what about those poor Europeans who are suffering under the blight the pope, Angela Merkel and the buffoons at the EU foisted upon them.  They may not be able to speak out publicly, for fear of retribution or prosecution.  But they see what’s happened to their own societies, and they hear the putrid blather from the mouths of the pope and their high brow politicians.  The time would appear to be ripe for someone with a hint of common sense to emerge on the political scene.  There is Gert Wilders in Holland, and there is Marine Le Pen in France, both branded racist and officially repudiated for “insults” to foreigners.   Then again, the backlash may not happen in this year’s elections, which would mean that policies will continue as they’ve been, and the situation will grow even worse.

Europeans seem to bow to the group-think demanded by their pope and their political leaders.  What if that should take a hard right turn, way beyond anything contemplated by a Trump presidency?  What happens when cash is removed from society and some political power regulates digital currency?  What happens when they re-define “Christianity” one last time with the pope in tow?   That’s the Europe the Bible describes at the time of the end.  But it is not yet.


Mark Armstrong

Referencing Mark Armstrong’s Update there must be quite a few Swede’s secretly praying that the misery imposed on their country by their own hand wringing government and Left activists, practising the same misguided so called ‘christian’ charity, come to an end and they get their country back. The same across Europe and other places that have opened the door to the war of cultures between Western civilisation and Islamic dark ages. It’s unlikely any of those prayers will be positively answered – at least not without national a fight that most cannot contemplate.

However individually we can all seek answers to our prayers and know they will be answered, maybe “yes”, maybe “no”, maybe “yes” but not yet. The problem is mot don’t know how to pray. Most don’t know that God imposes conditions before He will hear prayer. Obedience to God’s law comes to mind.

You can find out how to pray successfully and with confidence from Garner Ted Armstrong’s book, “The Answer to Unanswered Prayer”. In the US call (903) 561 7070, in Australia call 1300 885 066, or email from anywhere.