Greetings from Tyler,

All here hope you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  We have more than we could have hoped for which to be thankful!  Maybe the rest of the Western world should adopt the practice. But then, some of those nations look to be descending into turmoil rather than charting a course designed to usher in a wave of optimism.

While we were observing a national day of giving thanks to God, something entirely different was going on with the Muslim zealots in the Sinai.  First, they set off a bomb in a mosque dedicated to a more moderate brand (Sufi) of Islam.  Gunmen were positioned to fire upon those fleeing the blast, which they did.  Then they ambushed the responders as they rushed to rescue wounded survivors.  If that’s not the very definition of evil!  The terrorists managed to kill 235 people in their attack.  Reports don’t say whether the terrorists survived or were killed.  Some think some were wearing suicide vests and may have detonated themselves.  But Egyptian President el-Sisi reportedly sent war planes to pound suspected terrorist hideouts in the mountains.

Europe, prompted and cajoled by pope Francis, invited this evil to come and take “refuge” and has suffered the inevitable result.  Car burnings, assaults, robberies, rapes and molestations are off the chart in every nation of western Europe.  But it’s not politically correct to report the crimes or identify the perpetrators, that might lead to some negative reaction that the authorities would have to stamp out.

In Sweden, some unforgivably detestable females in priestly garb have outlawed using the pronoun He in reference to God.  That just wouldn’t be inclusive enough for Sweden’s dominant Christian church, headed by a woman, and home to over 6 million adherents.  Those resisting the edict worry that the change in language references will undermine the doctrine of the trinity!  Oh, now that would be a tragedy!

Angela Merkel has been unable to form a functioning government since her recent re-election.  It seems that the “Green” party, which she tried to include in her coalition, was demanding “chain-migration” rights for the vast hordes that took up residence over the past two years.  Now Germany is said to be in “uncharted territory,” having an elected Chancellor who is unable to bring a governing majority together in Parliament.  The fact that she is now at odds with the “Greens” over more Muslim immigrants is pure poetic justice.  Unfortunately, the West has set itself up for a cascade of just deserts.  And it’s all been done with great piety.

May God bless and protect the United States, Britain, Canada and Australia, from the incredible disaster the pope and Angela Merkel have heaped upon Europe.  Let’s hope it’s not too late.

We hope that all of God’s people have a great and satisfying Thanksgiving weekend, and give those marauding X-mas shoppers a wide berth!

Happy Sabbath.

Mark Armstrong

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