Greetings from Tyler,

What will we mourn next week? Indiscriminate killing of perceived “others” is reaching epidemic levels. Flags are still flying at half-mast over the police massacre in Dallas last week, and now we have the unspeakable massacre by delivery truck in one of Europe’s premier summer vacation destinations, Nice, France. Needless to say, pedestrians everywhere will now be looking around for the possibility of murderous truck drivers that might aim to run them over.

It is a violent onslaught of vicious attacks on western civilization, by aggrieved “minorities” who are the favorite “victims” of the current administration. From Black Lives Matter, to Islamists, to illegal aliens that mustn’t be deported, all are sympathetic “victims,” or potential victims of racist civilians or police.

Immediately following the nightclub massacre in Paris, France’s socialist president Hollande promised that there would be strong vigilance by police and security forces against the possibility of additional attacks. That obviously wasn’t the case in Nice. It seems like an obvious question, but why was there no police presence at the site of the barricade that closed off the boulevard in Nice to vehicles? Couldn’t they have looked at the throngs of carefree pedestrians down the way and realized that they were vulnerable? If temporary “barricades” were insufficient to stop a vehicle from simply driving through, why were there no security personnel on the sight to prevent it?

Regardless, France knows, Germany knows, we all know what kind of people are responsible for the mass murders that keep occurring all over the world, and yet we’re warned constantly to avoid any reference to the obvious. There is an epidemic of immigrant crime across Europe,

Terrorist attacks against symbolic targets are becoming routine. They’re occurring at such a pace we can hardly keep track. The ideologies behind them are sacred cows, apparently to all the current leadership in Europe and in the United States. The president used the Dallas police memorial to insist that we’re all guilty of racism (including police departments) and should be introspectively soul-searching instead of blaming any movement or ideology that may have presented a motive for the indiscriminate killing of policemen. The first response of Attorney General Loretta Lynch was to tell activists how “important” their voices are, and urge them not to be “discouraged” by some who might use their lawful protests as cover for heinous crimes.

In the face of so many sick terrorist atrocities in rapid succession, western leadership keeps banging the drum of “racism,” often throwing out the claim illegitimately. Meanwhile western governments whether in collusion or independently, make excuses or at least explanation for people who commit actual atrocities, and often cover up the depravity of their crimes. It is coming to light that the terrorists who killed dozens at the rock concert in Paris tortured numerous victims on the second floor in ways too hideous to describe. Even though there are police eyewitnesses to the tortured and eviscerated bodies, government prosecutors are pretending they don’t know about it in what appears to be a cover up of information they don’t want in the public domain.

As we pause to honor the weekly Sabbath, instituted by God at Creation, we are hearing early reports of an attempted coup in the nation of Turkey. As most know, Turkey is a member of NATO and of the European Union. That government is harboring vast hordes of Middle Eastern refugees and has been threatening to release them into Europe if their financial demands are not met. Who knows whether the recent attack on the airport in Istanbul or government reaction to that costly terrorist attack has something to do with the situation. But the government and police have been staunchly Islamic, while the military has been secular. The Turkish military is reportedly driving the attempted coup while the government is releasing statements that it is still firmly in control. The whereabouts of the Turkish President Erdogan is reported to be unknown amid reports that his palace has come under attack. Reports are still sketchy, and you may know more about it than we can convey as information comes to light.

We are living at a time where one can hardly digest the scope and importance of one atrocity before we’re hit with two or three more. Not to be pessimistic, but with the mass importation of criminals and potential (if not trained and dedicated) terrorists into western nations, we’d be crazy not to take precautions and recognize the dangers being thrust into our midst. We might just want to consider some of the insults, crimes and sins against our Creator and Sustainer as well, as we watch the leaders of the western world embrace evil of every description. There’s something about not being partakers in the sins of this world so as not to be partakers of the plagues that they bring about (Rev. 18:4). Maybe that should be the focus of those who want to avoid the plagues and carnage we see breaking out amid an explosion of evil in countries that were once blessed, safe and carefree.



Mark Armstrong