Mark Armstrong’s Weekly Update and News Review – 12 May 2017

Greetings from Tyler,

The world can wait. Forget the Ayatollah, Iran, ISIS, the war in Syria, Afghanistan, the little North Korean dictator threatening to reduce the United States to ashes. Never mind the Russian fighter jet that just flew within twenty feet of a Navy reconnaissance plane over the Black Sea. Forget Europe, the refugee crisis and the terrorists everywhere. The mainstream has sunk its collective teeth into the seat of Donald Trump’s trousers, and their not letting go until he’s been devoured.

From their standpoint that racist rascal is doing incalculable damage. From Obamacare, to the E P A, National Parks Service, F B I, Department of Justice, I R S, international relations, you name it, he’s wrecking everything as far as the media is concerned. If not for his “collusion” with Russia, or that of his campaign, Hillary Clinton would be president and the nation wouldn’t be mired in scandals that put Watergate to shame (or would we?). On and on, the world can wait, everything can wait, they’ve almost got him, again!

President Donald Trump fired the ever introspective and often emotive F B I Director James Comey, and the resulting media firestorm is white hot. But when, since election eve, has it not been white hot? Did Trump wait for the memo making the case for Comey’s unprecedented and improper claiming of proprietorial authority, or had he already made up his mind?

“It’s an abuse of power by the president,” you’ll hear a hundred times a day on mainstream outlets. Trump’s conversations with Comey, referenced in his letter of dismissal, represent nothing short of “tampering with an ongoing investigation,” a “conflict of interest,” and a litany of impeachable offenses the media has been dreaming of since the day he won. They call him a buffoon, a compulsive liar, a dictator in the making, and he must be stopped! If you want a dose of all that and more, try most any outlet other than Fox News, and they carry their share of those sentiments too.

“At this point in Watergate…” Yes, much of the media is reliving its glory days in having brought down the presidency of Richard Nixon, and they couldn’t be more earnest or dedicated to finding the smoking gun, the eighteen-minute gap, the inner circle whistle-blower or maybe Deep Throat.

There is no time for discussion of the threats faced by the United States. Iran, ISIS, Kim Jong un, or for that matter Russia have all been relegated to the cutting floor while every word from the president is compared with the statements of surrogates and thoroughly parsed. The big story, the one that will haunt this administration till doomsday, is the Russian-collusion in “hacking the election.” As soon as the Comey story dies down, assuming it ever does, they’ll be back to the story that has no facts, no witnesses and no basis. “All Trump roads lead to Russia,” say the same crew who daily defended the antics of Bill Clinton and subsequently, Hillary.

An Independent Council, a career prosecutor of sterling reputation, respected by all parties, is the only way to be sure that truth and justice are served, sober faced experts tell us again and again.

Does anybody remember the last time there was an Independent Council appointed to investigate a president? Does Ken Starr ring any bells? How did that go?

The same hacks that are insisting that one be empaneled now were accusing Ken Starr of every perverse motive imaginable when former President Bill Clinton was in trouble. They had no use for his conclusions and trashed him personally and professionally on a constant and ongoing basis. Others were ticked off that all Bill Clinton’s nefarious dealings were reduced to a stain on the blue dress and the fact that Clinton denied the undeniable. Bottom line is, the Independent Council turned out to be virtually worthless, despite all the time, money, airtime and national attention wasted. Nevertheless, that’s what all the anti-Trump brigade are demanding.

And, who can predict? Maybe they’ll get what they want and we’ll all wait another couple of years before there is any resolution. But what if the world can’t wait? What if Iran or North Korea manage to deploy a device against the U. S. power grid? What if there is a crisis that requires Americans to pull together, to get on the same side against a common enemy?

The last time we saw any such national sentiment was in the immediate aftermath of 9-11, and it might have lasted a week and a half or so. This nation, its leaders and the media are so hopelessly at odds that no reconciliation is possible. There will only be winners and losers, and those positions can swap at the drop of a hat. It seems that there is a race against time. The only question is, how much damage can President Trump do to the politically correct ideology that consumes the media, the educational institutions, the big corporations and for that matter the mainstream churches, before he is hounded from office à la Richard Nixon? We’ll see if the world can wait, while all mainstream outlets obsess over the predetermined demise of President Trump, or so they fervently hope.

Mark Armstrong

Is there a rhyme or reason for the plight of the West at this juncture in history? Who could have thought forty years ago that the daily news grind would be filled, apart from the railings against Donald Trump, with the ever persistent reportage of the Muslim migration to Western lands – Western Europe, the UK, the United States of America, Canada and Australia – not forgetting New Zealand.

Why now in the early decades of the 21st Century is the unlit modern West having to deal with the onslaught of sixth Century religion/ideology bent on taking over the West?

It’s a fascinating, and as matters are panning out, a terrifying story. But it’s a story laid out in the pages of the Bible, steeped in ancient history and family rivalries.

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