Greetings from Tyler,
No one has been spared the gruesome spectacle of nine black people holding Bible study being gunned down in cold blood by the little bowl-headed freak who methodically carried out the atrocity. Obviously, Charleston is not consumed with the whipped up racial hatreds that resulted in looting and arson in both Ferguson and Baltimore. A headline appeared yesterday that said “Race Activists Fear Riots in Charleston.” They fear riots? In fact they’ve done nothing but encourage riots.
Both the waddling, scandal-ridden shrew- in-a-pant-suit who wants so desperately to rule over us and the current president both followed their mentor’s advice (Saul Alinsky) never to let a crisis go to waste, as they’ve done in every other whack-job massacre. That is to rail against the Constitutional guarantee to every citizen in good standing to keep and bear arms. They claim that other developed nations with strict gun controls, or in some cases that have banished private ownership don’t have incidents like these. Really? What about Norway, France or Sydney, Australia to name a few in recent memory. Amazing isn’t it, that when law-abiding citizens give up their guns only criminals still have them? Based on the grief-stricken but empathetic and comforting reaction of the citizens of Charleston, it looks like this will not be another Ferguson or Baltimore despite the predictable efforts of the usual race-pimp suspects.
The pope has certainly amped up his contortions of Christianity, releasing his encyclical on climate change and everybody’s religious imperative to support third-world immigrants into the developed nations. He also wants us to quit using air-conditioning and start car-pooling because he claims we’re turning the whole earth into a pile of filth (paraphrased but accurate). Maybe the pope should move to Texas, take up residence in a cardboard box with a corrugated tin roof just like so many of his beloved immigrants inhabit in their native lands, maybe then we can talk. Maybe not.
Meanwhile he’s called for a global authority to impose his vision on, primarily the nations of Europe and upon the United States. So let’s run down the roster of the pope’s departure into matters that are none of his business. If the pope wants to visit and chat with homosexuals and let them know he has no problem with their proclivities, that’s one thing. For him to demand that everybody alter their Bible-based beliefs to comply with his sensibilities is quite another.
This is the same pope who condemned money (rather than the love of it), and the financial system as idolatrous and evil. How is that any of his business, unless he’s setting us up for the scenario spelled out in the book of Revelation? Who does he think he is? The false prophet? He may be only a forerunner, but all his proclivities are right on point.
Although details of the trade bill revisited and passed by the House of Representatives this week are still shrouded in secrecy, some who have been privileged to read the document in private claim that it creates the infrastructure for such a global authority with all manner of regulatory clout over matters of energy, immigration and who knows. Unbelievably, several of the Senators and Congressmen that we expected would represent the interests of citizens of the United States have been openly schilling to hand the president unilateral powers to enter into international “treaties” that would transfer U.S. regulatory powers to an international commission. Many of them are Catholic. Does that mean that loyalty to Rome and its quirky pontiff supersedes their oaths to uphold the Constitution, and to represent the citizens who elected them? Could be. We’re still waiting for a coherent explanation, but so far none has been forthcoming and no-one at all is pressing for one.
Several of the nations of Europe are balking at the EU’s attempt to assign quotas of immigrants that they must accept and support. Multiculturalism has already had an upsetting effect all over Europe, and there are signs that citizens of those nations have had just about enough. You can see the “anti-immigrant” movements growing all over Europe, even as the EU tries to force more and more of them upon the member states.
In addition to the hordes of U.S. border crashers from Mexico, Central and South America, the current administration is transporting and accommodating Middle Easterners and many from North Africa directly into cities and towns all over the United States. It seems Texas is getting more than its share, but Nashville is seething with Somalis and increments of Syrians are being slipped into a long list of American cities. This is just the start though, the United Nations has another eleven thousand Syrians who are scheduled for induction into the United States. The pope is demanding that the gates be propped open and the third-world be welcomed with open arms and open-ended financial handouts.
Obviously the pope has no respect for the precepts of capitalism, or the idea that food and shelter should be earned by productivity. No, its as if governments should dole out printed money and support everybody’s wants and needs. But governments have no business creating money out of thin air. It has created disaster and collapse in every historical instance.
Greece is in that very situation right now. It can’t pay its bills, and it won’t take the necessary steps to remedy the situation, which would mean curtailing all kinds of “benefits” that bankrupted them in the first place. But the lesson seems never to be learned. Meanwhile Greece is being overrun by thousands and thousands of the pope’s favorite people. (I say let the Vatican settle and support them all.) Talks on Greece repaying its debts to Germany and the IMF have broken down completely this week, and there is discussion of Greece pulling out of the EU and going back to the its traditional drachma currency. If that happens, Greece will no doubt begin printing unbacked currency to temporarily alleviate national pain until the whole thing collapses again.
But the United States is going down that very path. With the national debt in excess of 18 TRILLION, the current administration adds another reported 3 billion per day. Sooner or later, this will result in a collapse of the economy, wild inflation, misery and destitution off the chart. But that’s what the bozos in power are doing, and they claim its our empathetic duty to support it.
The whole setup, the United Nations, the EU, the Vatican and our current president look to be in a full court press against American sovereignty and the sustainability of our God-given blessings. It took a series of Divine miracles to bring about this nation, our Declaration of independence and Constitution (in line with Biblical precepts). It would take another series of miracles to turn this juggernaut around, and many are losing hope. The way this culture has gone, wallowing in every entertaining depravity, it’s hard to imagine God having any intention of seeing it saved.
Mark Armstrong
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