Greetings from Tyler,

            Third-world immigration into Western nations has become the most important issue of all.  As everybody knows, a partial government shut-down is underway over the President’s demand for a wall on the Southern border.  “It’s immoral!” cry the politicians refusing to allocate funding. Calling an inanimate object “immoral” makes about as much sense as saying “guns kill people.”  Words don’t even have to make sense anymore. Especially when great virtue is signaled.   

            We read that five hundred from Guatemala and El Salvador were released from DHS detention at the El Paso bus station, twice over the last week or so.  Now comes word that another two thousand are being released with ankle bracelets and court dates.  Neither the Department of Homeland Security or anybody else believes they’ll show up for their hearings.  Not releasing them into American society would be inhumane, so the Judges have decreed that they must be allowed to disappear into our cities.  Border patrol is picking up over 2,000 every day and detention facilities are overwhelmed.  Indeed, the nation is being overwhelmed. 

            European capitals celebrated the onset of 2019 with at least 1000 torched automobiles across France (an immigrant car b que), uncontrolled fires in one of Brussels’ most celebrated “no-go” districts (firefighters attacked by mobs of “culture enrichers”), “allah akbar” stabbings in Manchester, U K and dozens of other instances we won’t hear about until much later, if ever.  That other stabbing on the Southwestern train to London?  We’ll have to get back to you, once the media figures out how to frame the story. 

            “Diverthity” (the politically correct pronunciation) was celebrated in California with the killing of a LEGAL immigrant from Fiji, whose American dream was to be a policeman in the U. S.  You’ve probably seen the photographs of him in uniform with his wife and infant son.  He was gunned down by a Mexican illegal with a long rap sheet and warrants, hidden out by his illegal alien family members and gang buddies. He couldn’t be dealt with during his previous encounters with law enforcement on account of “sanctuary” laws in the sanctuary state.  It’s a sanctuary for all but law-abiding citizens who must financially support the millions of foreigners here to permanently cement the Obama transformation of America, some of whom will randomly rob or gun down their hosts as needed. 

            It has become apparent that the crime epidemic sweeping all Western societies, the financial losses, the deaths of the good and the great are an acceptable price for others to pay for preening liberal (socialist/communist)  politicians’ empathy.  Somehow it’s just better for all involved if tens of millions of “undocumented” non-English speakers with no clue about American norms are swarming in our midst. Isn’t this great?  Hideous crimes are being committed against innocent citizens wherever in Western civilization you want to look.  There are many more, unreported or disguised by media outlets quick to attribute deranged crimes to mental illness.  That’s how they described the “allah akbar” stabber with the kitchen knife in Manchester.  It has, of course, nothing to do with the attackers’ background, upbringing or point of origin.  Just another crazy guy, nothing much to see here, you xenophobic throwback.

            Too bad they’re not holding a global warming confab in London this weekend.  It’s going to be cold enough to freeze to death in short order this weekend, just the kind of thing climate alarmists love so they can remind us that it’s just the “weather,” and has nothing to do with the human borne scourge of global warming. Al Gore is heard screaming, “It’th not a hoakth!  It’th real!”

            Such a shame.  Western civilization could have been bankrupted by way of carbon taxes. Did you notice that the same people who insisted (still insist) that the citizens of Western society are “destroying the planet” with their cars and air-conditioners are the same ones demanding we have a responsibility to welcome and finance as much of the whole third as can get here.  They won’t put it in those words, but that’s the bottom line.  They’re going to overload the system (the Cloward and Piven plan for defeating capitalism) one way or another.  They failed (narrowly) to destroy the most prosperous nation on earth with the global warming scam, so this is their next attempt.  Bring on the caravans!  Curse the President.  Attack fly-over people foolish enough to support him and broadcast sob stories about “the children!”  They’ll either get to your emotions now, or come after your sorriness once they impeach, indict or otherwise run off your President.  Have a nice day.

            It’s not as if the U. S. isn’t and hasn’t been more than generous, with tens of billions in foreign aid sent all over the world.  The problem has always been that the money disappears.  The poor and afflicted stay poor and afflicted while their leaders build palaces or deposit the money somewhere else.  Money sent in the name of help to less fortunate nations is far more than needed for a wall, but don’t mention it, you might be what they call you every day and night on national news. 

            It’s a trying time.  All over the Western world citizens are afraid to point out the obvious, lest the government thought-police descend with new-age criminal charges.  People are furious on every side of the debate.  Western civilization is being rent asunder.  It’s already ugly and bound to get worse until… The obvious solution to the rising tide of anarchy will be One World Rule.  Angela Merkel has already laid out the solution to everything by lecturing Europe (and the United States) that the truly patriotic thing to do is cede national sovereignty to a world Superpower.  It’s coming.  The collapse of Western society will see to it.  Eerily similar to end time prophecy, isn’t it? 

            The only One World Rule we’ll stand for is the Kingdom of God.  In the meantime, we love the United States a lot.  It seems the educated elite want to bring about tribulation, and we see it coming. 


Mark Armstrong


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