Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – Friday, 21 December 2018

Greetings from Tyler,

        Against the failing socialist, politically correct blight roiling Europe is one of the biggest “journalism scandals” anyone’s ever heard of.  Der Spiegel is a flagship publication in Europe with tremendous influence, undoubtedly responsible for molding public opinion in Europe and around the world.  It’s been heralded as having one of the most formidable fact-checking departments on earth, employing some seventy odd people to make sure of the accuracy and trustworthiness of the publication.  

        But it turns out that one of their most popular, award winning “journalists” has been inventing people and stories out of whole cloth in his articles, and they just noticed.  His articles have covered immigration, including illegal immigration into the United States.  He’s also written about the low-rent, deplorable Trump supporters, inventing personalities and conversations that never existed for his articles.  Der Spiegel publicly admits what has happened, as has the “reporter” in question, Claas Relotius, who can’t be reached for comment.  

        We know all about Fake News, having been subjected to an onslaught of attempted brain-washing and mind control by sneering, self-righteous sodomites employed as “news anchors” by national mainstream outlets.  It’s a daily phenomenon that has destroyed the credibility of every formerly trusted source of information.  Everything was going along smoothly, and it looked like there would be a smooth transition from national sovereignty to global citizenry.  They verily worshiped at the feet of the imposter with the assumed name and disputed biography.  As long as foreigners were flooding in from all directions; as long as the game was rigged by activist judges forcing everybody to cow-tow to homosexual supremacy; as long as burning/looting “protesters” were given “space to destroy” loot and burn while being cast as the victims; as long as uneducated economic migrants were permanently altering demographics and overloading the economic safety net, guaranteeing that future American leadership would have the interests of La Raza first and foremost, everything was fine.  

        But they’ve lost their composure completely with the prospect of an interruption in their Utopian dream.  The “news” writers and reporters can no longer make a pretense of impartiality.  And they’re openly proud of that fact!  CNN was good for an out-loud laugh this week when, during a whole segment they displayed a banner across the screen under the heading of Facts First.  It read, Donald Trump and cronies avoid truth, make up stories that dispute facts.  The banner remained as they smirked and sneered about his constant lying and disrespect for the rule of law.  You can’t make this stuff up, it’s just juvenile beyond all recognition.  But there it is, morning, noon and night.

        Both the media and Trump’s opponents in government (and they are legion) have been delighted all week.  A $4 Trillion budget was approved by the Senate and expected to be passed by the House of Representatives with $0 for Trump’s signature issue, the southern border wall.  There was celebration, even singing and dancing (look it up) by his most vehement opponents.  But then $5 billion was added to the House legislation and returned to the Senate where it is said to be dead on arrival.  

        Brace yourself for cries of anger and outrage over the dreaded government shutdown.  “How dare he ruin Christmas for government employees!”  And what about the children who won’t get the presents they expected?  There’ll be one tear jerker story after another, all attributable to that mean, racist, Putin puppet dictator wannabe, President Trump.  And not only that, Melania’s White House decorations were a disaster.  The only taste she has is in her mouth.  Michelle, stripper boots and all, was a much classier act.  It’s just too much fun watching the mainstream meltdown.  In very, very small doses, of course.  (Save the screens!)

        The radical, rebellious 60’s generation thought we’d all been cowed into permanent silence lest we run afoul of the group-think Juggernaut they’ve created.  It’s nearly universal throughout corporate America, educational institutions, entertainment and “news.”  Deviate from approved thought and communication and suffer the wrath of all society.  

        What we have here is probably a brief opportunity, and possibly our last.  At least for now, we can stand for the faith once delivered, not on social media mind you.  Even the quoting of certain scriptures would be more than enough to ensure permanently banned status.  Thankfully, we don’t depend on social media for our ability to communicate.  We’re not going to comply with the sanctimonious requirements of those who deny the existence of a Creator God.  The long train of crises are a direct result of our nation’s refusal to accept truth, repent and turn toward God and His Laws.  But it’s going the other way.  They’d love to ban even that obvious recognition.  

        Everything else is much as we’ve left it in recent Updates and Letters.  The British can’t escape the European Union, the French are still in revolt, and the third world is enjoying the opportunity to trash Western civilization, literally.  The Fed has crashed the financial markets with interest rate hikes  and no-one seems to know why.  It’s probably the same reason every government agency is behaving the way they are.  GET TRUMP before he does one more thing to save the United States of America.  At this rate, it will soon be heresy to defend national sovereignty, if it’s not already.

        But we’re still free to point out that X-mas is a pagan custom that has precious little to do with the “reason for the season.”  Yes, that puts significant daylight between us and people we largely respect and agree with in the public domain.  That’s what makes us so “peculiar.”  And it’s never felt better!  Have a wonderful Sabbath, government shutdown and all.  


P. S. The new edition of 21st Century WATCH is out the door and in the mail.  This issue pulls as few punches as you’d expect.  We also just received the printed copies of the monthly letter, and those are going out today.  Boom!