Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 5 October 2018

Greetings from Tyler,

            We hope you all had a joyful Feast of Tabernacles, wherever you may have been.  We had to cancel our Myrtle Beach site within the last week due to road closures and knocked out power at our facility.  Some were able to come down to Panama City Beach, and others went to Lake Barkley or Branson.  But some may not have been able to relocate, and we hope they were able to salvage the occasion in spite of everything. 

            There were warm and joyful crowds at each of the other Feast sites, and I know that some were sorry to see it come to a close. But having returned back, we’re more keenly aware of the fragile state of decency and decorum, especially in the highest of chambers and just outside.  Some three hundred were arrested in and around the Capitol just yesterday.  They’re screaming at the top of their lungs, scared half to death that their socialist dreams are going up in smoke.

            Some are warning that a “civil war,” a real one, is on the brink of breaking out in America.  That’s pretty hard to imagine, particularly seeing how reserved and polite the masses seem to be, aside from the university snowflakes and legions of professional activists.  But there’s no doubt in the wake of the battle over a single Supreme Court nominee, that the social justice “protesters” have descended to new depths in their accusations and behavior. 

            It is apparent that the same tactics were deployed against the prospective Justice as were used against President Trump before, during and ever since his electoral victory.  They simply made up, or paid others to make up the most unbelievably disgusting tales imaginable.  The info-garbage was laundered through the CIA (John Brennan), Congress (Harry Reid), the FBI (James Comey) and NSA (James Clapper).  That’s nowhere near the end of the list.  Many others in the last administration and in the Department of State also have their fingerprints all over the attempted coup to overthrow the presidency of Donald Trump.  We know many of their names, some of which are very prominent figures in the previous administration.  They’ll all achieve fame beyond their wildest imaginations if there’s any justice to be had.   

            And what a coincidence!  Though the information will likely not be recognized by mainstream outlets, several are players attached to the same corrupt agencies and firms that are deeply involved in orchestrating and choreographing the late hit on Judge Kavanaugh.  It turns out that one of the “witnesses” named by Ford was pressured to change her testimony by (former FBI agent) Monica McLean– which has been reported to the WSJ and to the Judiciary committee, with saved texts as proof. Ford’s attorneys also have curious connections with players involved in the plot to destroy the Trump presidency. 

             Regardless of tomorrow’s outcome, the battle will rage on in ways that will shock us all.  At stake is the whole “globalist” plan.  It’s not just the sacraments of the left, a woman’s “right to choose,” queer matrimony, global warming and open borders.  It’s the whole prospect of American sovereignty which was being erased by a series of administrations, federal agencies and many in Congress. Some of the players in the background are foreign actors and entities, whose power would be increased exponentially if U. S. sovereignty could be suborned to international courts, the UN and the international arbiters of “global warming.” 

            The stakes are so high now that the socialists have discarded their masks, with the exception of antifa.  That bunch of rag-tag domestic terrorists will continue to commit crimes while concealing their own identities.  They are loud, proud and there are seemingly no depths below which they won’t stoop.

            Remember what happened to Steve Scalise?  That fate and worse could easily have befallen a great many members of the House.  And why has there never been any progress toward solving the murder of Seth Rich?  Those are only a couple of well known names, but there are others that if the mainstream media has its way, will never enter public consciousness.

            The more outrageous the accusations against anyone that might promote the Trump agenda from any office of power, the more the mainstream media loves to repeat them endlessly.  The damage is not temporary or limited.  It has become part of the public record that will follow the accused, and those who love and respect them to the end of their days. Regardless of the final outcome of any investigation, the slander has already done permanent damage.  Judge Kavanaugh will no more be able to extricate his name from the accusations oft repeated by national outlets than was Justice Thomas.  Now, thanks to the media’s lust for the most shocking of tales against anyone perceived as leaning conservative, the accusations are permanently attached. 

            One of the things listed among those that God hates, is a lying tongue.  This premise is spelled out in the new monthly letter which you’ll soon receive. The Bible also has plenty to say about the “talebearer,” in Leviticus and more-so in the Proverbs.  It  indicates that dredging up tales creates useless strife.  Put that together with breaking the Commandment against bearing FALSE witness and you see exactly what we have.  A nation on the brink.  We can take heart in the Proverb (26:27) regarding he who “digs a pit” or “rolls a stone.”  God will not be mocked.  Let’s hope the professional agitators don’t tear this country apart with their violent, insane tactics in the days or weeks ahead.  Thank God for the unexpected miracle that has given America one last opportunity to revive.

Mark Armstrong