Greetings from Tyler,

One of the most bizarre scenes we’ve witnessed during this radical attempt to destroy the United States is that of a white girl cursing black police officers, ranting and raving about racism.  Glenn Beck predicted what we’re seeing some years ago, and incredibly it has come true.  The former Occupy Wall Street mob, demanding that the United States implement communism, has joined with the Black Lives Matter movement to threaten every corporation and business if they don’t take a knee and grovel before their every ignorant demand.  The sad part is that every institution in America is bowing down before the rampaging mob.  Maybe they think it’s the only safe thing to do.

Over the past week, we’ve lived through yet another national race hoax.  Nobody ever heard of the almost black driver hired by Richard Petty’s racing team, but now he’s a household name.  You have to wonder why he was hired to compete in NASCAR races.  He’s not even a winning driver!  Out of some 90 starts in his racing career, he’s only placed in the top 10 six times.  Here’s betting that no other NASCAR driver has such a lackluster record.

Fifteen crack FBI agents rushed to Talladega to investigate the “noose” hanging in the garage of the Black Lives Matter car.  They discovered it was nothing more than a garage door pull, and it’s been dangling there for at least a couple of years.  And it wouldn’t have mattered if another space had been assigned, they all have garage door pull ropes.  Never mind.  They’re all nooses, in every garage, because everything about NASCAR is racist!  At least that’s the evolving explanation. So all the drivers and racing teams are soooo sorry.  We’ll probably see them all taking a knee before the next race, without fans of course.  Can’t be too careful. The dreaded virus is making a comeback, haven’t you heard?

So who wants to be a policeman?  They’re under a microscope all the time, because they’re all guilty of racism, according to the thugs that run America.  Even the black and Hispanic policemen.  If they have some intention of getting in the way of the communist revolution under way, they better think twice.  According to the mob, any minority police are “sell-outs” if they get in the way of Black Lives Matter, or antifa. It’s hard to wrap your mind around everything we’re seeing.  Of course we support law and order, and we’ve seen what happens when the cops don’t show up.  The question that no one seems to be asking is: Why didn’t they show up!?!

In New York, the police literally crossed the street and wandered aimlessly off when a gang of thugs came down the sidewalk from the other direction.  It was on Live TV.  There are numerous reports of calls going unanswered for hours at a time, even in a district where the most exclusive and expensive shops and boutiques are located.  Police never came despite 9-11 calls where business owners were begging for assistance.  And it’s not just in New York.  Some of the individual stories are heartbreaking.  One woman broke down and sobbed as she watched on her security camera as the mob walking off with her life’s work, and couldn’t get any explanation from the 9-11 dispatcher.  Another called because her car was being surrounded, pelted with rocks and bottles as rioters climbed all over and called her every imaginable epithet, and her little daughter cried helplessly.  The dispatcher advised, “You can call city hall and express your frustration.”  Thanks a lot!

The police in New York apparently realized that the mayor (de Blasio) would have them fired if they interfered with the looting, or upset the thugs.  Sometimes you get the impression that the police are actually protecting the thugs while they burn and loot.  But you better not go outside without a mask on your face!

We’ve heard about the outbreak of the “Blue-flu” in Atlanta.  Police are calling in sick in unrealistic numbers, and why not?  They’re unable to do their job, without being called bigots and racists. If they end up in a scuffle or, perish the thought, a shootout, the black District Attorney will charge them with MURDER.  (He’s got troubles of his own, and is suspected of changing the subject by charging officer Wolf with murder.  The only way Wolf will be convicted of murder is if the entire jury is made up of Black Lives Matter devotees.) No honest juror is going to convict Policeman Wolf of murder, after he was attacked, had his taser swiped and fired at him at short range.  Maybe not even manslaughter.  What do you expect will happen when he’s not convicted of murder?  Is there some chance the thugs won’t riot, loot and burn?  Better take pictures, so we can remember what Atlanta looked like before the communist race revolution broke out.

The last time Black Lives Matter got all high and mighty, numerous police were ambushed, shot, injured or killed.  Ambushes took place from New York to Dallas, with no rhyme or reason other than “social justice.”  No one dares speak the truth, or the mob will come calling and the media will be on their side.  You might have to do a search to learn of the ambush of policemen in Tampa this week.  It’s not the sort of thing the media wants to publicize.  In fact a search will reveal that the story is not being carried by the national media.  It was a fake call, an ambush, and police were attacked when they arrived.  Just like the last time racism was on everybody’s mind.

And who didn’t know that there would be calls and actions to implement another “shutdown” as soon as things began to return to normal.  They’re claiming a “spike” in COVID hospitalizations.  No one knows if it’s true.  We’ve heard that everyone going to a hospital to get tested is being counted as a COVID hospitalization.  It’s tempting to hope that’s true, but who knows?  We know for a fact that you can’t believe much that is being reported as “news” anymore.  It’s mostly lectures now, informing us of what a racist people we are, and particularly Trump supporters.  They hate him with such a passion they’re willing to destroy everything if that’s what it takes.  The spokesmen are proud to say it.  “If we don’t get what we want, we’ll burn down the system.”  Sounds like the ’60’s radicals, and that’s no coincidence.

Yes, the stranger within the gates has gotten up very high, and the founders, the Constitution and the nation itself have been brought low.  But God is still on his throne.  He’ll be the One who decides who’s who and what’s what.  The jury is still out as to whether America survives the communist revolution.  It’s not about George Floyd or racism.  It’s about destruction.  We’d like to believe that prosperity and greatness are still attainable, but it’s starting to look as though punishment for acquiescence to a myriad of national sins is upon this country, and there may be no turning back.  Justice has fallen in the street like a Confederate statue.  The mob can’t change history, but they can steal and start fires.  It looks like 99% of ordinary people and the corporations that make merchandise of them are ready to let the mob have their way.  Good luck to them.

Mark Armstrong