Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 25 September 2020

Greetings from Tyler,

Oh no!  A second wave has hit.  Who saw this coming?  “New York Eyes New Shutdown,” reads the NBC headline.  Of course, they do, we were sure they would.  Every time there’s some hint that the pandemic may be waning, there’s another media-wide panic attack.  Anchors and reporters are all but coming out of their skin with pained concern.  This time there is another frightening term, delivered by masked reporters.  You can’t be sure what they’re saying, but at least you can see the alarm in their eyes.  This time we have something brand new to the media, “clusters.”  The “clusters” will see to it that we hang on their every word to see if it’s safe to go outside again.

Over recent months this Update has assured you that there would be a “second wave,”  and there’ll probably be a third, fourth and fifth wave.  The media loves this stuff, they love lecturing and bringing on officials and health experts so they can nod sagely about the justified panic we all share.  They pretend to speak for us, and all rational people everywhere who leap at the opportunity to follow each new mandate, and make sure you do too.

Governors and mayors love it, because it has the public hanging on their every word.  It looks bad for President Trump, because as they always say,  “It happened on his watch.” Do you think they’ll give it up?  You think Gavin Newsome, Governor Abbot, or Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan are ready to let the corona-virus die a natural death?  Not likely.  It’s been described, accurately, as a creeping medical authoritarianism.  The “experts” will decide what your next move is, and you will forget you ever had any rights or protections under the Constitution, or you might be arrested.  Somebody call the cops!

If you haven’t seen the video of the lady being tased and arrested at the junior high football game in Ohio, you’ve got to look it up.  What’s disheartening about the whole thing is not only the action of the policeman, but the fact that no one came to the aid of the woman probably 20 or more feet from the nearest humans, outdoors, without her mask.  Why the police would stride into nearly empty stands to manhandle, tase, handcuff and take this lady to jail is inexplicable.  We’re trying to support law enforcement, but this makes no sense.  If not for the video, we might not have believed it.

Some years ago, the realization dawned that we’re being conditioned to go along with things that make no sense, like the need for that lady to wear a mask in the nearly empty bleachers.  In the age of the Internet, most stories require proof before they receive wide acceptance.  That’s still the case, unless something supports or disputes the narrative of the mainstream.  For months, we were denied the details of the case in Louisville.  Finally, while the mob was busy assembling their protest/riot gear, the District Attorney announced details that destroy the media accounts over recent months.  But it’s too late.  The news outlets continue operating on the basis of their original stories and pretend that the “peaceful” protesters and rioters are justified in their rage.  It’s like, “Hands up, don’t shoot.”  The media flogged that line like there was no tomorrow and never admitted that it never happened.  Here’s a news alert: What’s happening in American cities is not rage, it’s a chance to maraud anonymously with a good chance of acquiring something of value from the local racist businesses.

It’s not just Louisville, or Kenosha, or Portland, or Seattle, or Chicago, or New York or Minneapolis, it’s everywhere.  (Even in our little downtown square, so the paper tells us.  There is no chance we’ll go anywhere near the insanity.)  The media is pushing rage, and then encouraging lawlessness justified by their fake news.

How we get through the upcoming season without a crisis that threatens the very existence of law and order in the United States is a mystery.  The latest accusation is that Trump will refuse to leave office once he loses.  The mainstream media has already decided that he’ll lose.  Never mind those enormous crowds in towns you never heard of in the battleground states.  That means nothing.  It also doesn’t matter that the challenger cannot attract a crowd at all.  He’s ahead in every poll that merits media attention.  But the media’s hair is on fire that Trump won’t concede the election and start planning now to leave office on the 20th of January.  If that’s too political, Bible prophecy indicates that a global political system will mandate the mark of the beast.  Will that be political, and therefore off limits for discussion?

The media was mortified that Trump wouldn’t demand a national mask mandate.  They all but cried that he wouldn’t institute a national “lock-down.”  They’d have cried, “Dictator!” if he had, but he didn’t.  So maybe they’ll impeach him again for mishandling the Corona-virus response.  But they still call him a fascist and compare him to Hitler and Mussolini.  Maybe they figure if they’ll just say it over and over enough, eventually we’ll all believe it.

Meanwhile Trump has achieved commitments toward peace, both in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.  The Bible tells us, “Blessed are the peacemakers,” and for years it’s been a lost cause particularly in the Middle East.  The Palestinians have been left behind, much to the chagrin of all those talking heads who claimed there could be no peace without their approval.  Like so much that has been accepted dogma, Trump and his team proved that theory, and every commentator for the last 40 years, wrong.

The Presidential election is being set up to drag out for weeks or longer while ballots are harvested, found in the trunks of cars or abandoned warehouses.  They simply cannot allow Trump to win again, and that goes for the social media operators, the media reporters and the outfits that are working overtime to destroy law and order in the United States once and for all.

The day of Atonement is coming up Monday, to begin at sundown Sunday evening, and it’s no secret that we fast as commanded on that annual Holy Day.  We’re on the brink of losing the blessings of freedom without God’s help.  Not only in the U. S., because if we lose it here, the Western world loses it everywhere.  We’re well down that road already, with seemingly every wealthy outlet and corporation on board with the destruction of the U. S. system of government, the Constitution and every right and privilege we’ve enjoyed as Americans.  That goes for people of all races.

This day of fasting and prayer comes at a most opportune time.  This one has meaning like we’ve never experienced before.  All these door-front signs say, “Do your part,” which means wear your mask.  All those who love America and love the freedom that we enjoyed are going to need more than a mask.  We’ll need God’s armor, and His protection from the false, fake news that often leads us to erroneous conclusions.  Strong deception is coming out of every mainstream outlet, and we’re witnessing the result.

Mark Armstrong