Greetings from Tyler,

Hardly anything is what it seems.  The news is not only fake, real news goes unreported.  The viral cover of TIME magazine (it’s not even a print magazine anymore), showing a photo-shopped image of the President looking down callously at a crying little girl was supposed to illustrate the lack of compassion toward children “ripped from the arms” of their parents at the border.  These reports are being carried all around the globe.   But the little girl in the faked picture never had been separated from her mother.

The mom had been deported in 2013 and sent home to her family in Honduras where she has a gainfully employed husband and three other children she’d left behind.  Now her little girl has become the poster child for children separated from parents, purportedly treated with brutality by border agents.

The air-conditioned facilities, with fresh bedding, game rooms and recreational areas are probably the cleanest, most comfortable environments any of these illegal immigrants have ever known.  No one says that on the mainstream news.  They’re too busy calling President Trump and all who support his agenda Nazis.  They’ve shed nary a tear in their fake crying while calling the detention centers “concentration camps” amid accusations of child abuse.  The news is not news at all.  It’s a pre-planned diversion to get the public looking the other way, outraged by a President who doesn’t possess the compassion of a normal human being.  What do you bet they’ve got at least two or three tear-jerkers waiting in the wings to distract the public from coming revelations that will further tarnish (if that’s possible) top investigators and prosecutors?

The fact is, the emotional outbursts are a diversion from the biggest scandal in American history.  We often referred to the department of injusticeover recent years in detailing one botched case after another, one tortured, impossible explanation after another throughout the Obama years.  Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, presided over the Fast and Furious gun running scandal, the Benghazi murders, IRS targeting of conservative organizations, the Clinton-Lynch tarmac stunt, Uranium One, and the State Department – Clinton Foundation fiasco for a start.  It’s been obvious to anyone with eyes to see that our top law enforcement agencies were running interference for their bosses, and for themselves for years.

Curious observers have been vilified as “conspiracy theorists” by all mainstream media outlets for years.  “How dare you question the integrity of these fine professionals risking their lives every day to protect Americans?” is the familiar refrain, and still they haul out those hollow words.  They continue to act like “Russian collusion” by the Trump campaign is a legitimate scandal, even as evidence spills out that the whole thing was a sting operation, with agents and informants contacting satellite volunteers in the Trump orbit to plant offers of “dirt” on the hunch-back of Chappaquau.

Obviously, the so-called Justice department has documents and communications that will clear all this up, but they’re concealing them at all costs.  Maybe they will implicate the principals, the “fine professionals” refusing to turn over the information to Congress.  Who knows?  But they’re willing to risk their reputations and careers to keep everything secret, even though we’ve all seen enough to reach obvious conclusions.  Some of the communications, “it’s like an insurance policy…”  “No, no he won’t, we’ll stop it.” are smoking guns.  The context is clear, as is the intent.  Investigations that take years to play out cannot change what these “fine professionals” have done.  Meanwhile they’ve been creating our news with fraudulent “leaks” for nearly two years.  We’ve known enough to draw iron clad conclusions for at least six months, accurate speculations for over a year.  And still we wait, as little has happened.  None of the culprits have been charged or arrested, let alone tried.  Meanwhile the Mueller “probe” goes on, fueling the dreams of mainstream television anchors who tried to tell us Trump would be indicted, charged with crimes, impeached and run out on a rail every day for well over a year.  They were sure they had him on the run this time last year, and he’d be gone any minute.  The “investigations” have bankrupted the likes of General Flynn and others less-well known, and several of the perpetrators (who are the “investigators”) still wield the awesome powers of the Federal government to this day.

Last week we told of the crisis in German leadership, threatening to collapse the fragile coalition of Angela Merkel’s government.  You realize that the crisis stems from a rebellion on the part of the state of Bavaria over Merkel’s insistence that all African and Middle Eastern “migrants” be allowed free passage into Germany or wherever in Europe they intended to land.  The latest word is that all concerned agreed to give Mrs. Merkel two weeks to come up with a “European solution” to the situation. That means she has got to find another country to accept the “migrants” and thereby appease Bavaria.

Last week Italy was turning away ships loaded with “refugees” from Libya, refusing them entry to ports.  The vessels are thought to be owned by organizations financed by George Soros.  They were flying the Norwegian flag, and Italy contacted Norway to voice concerns.  But Norway says they’re not Norwegian ships at all, and Italy is reportedly in the process of seizing the vessels.

No one can deny the transformation of Europe since the opening of borders.  Islamist attacks on civilians have killed 357 and maimed 1678 since 2014 according to Heritage Foundation research.  Italy is refusing ships laden with hundreds of refugees, Spain must allow a couple more boatloads to meet the quota set forth by the European Union.

Europe has been transformed, and to a startling degree, so has the United States.  We’re seeing an attempt to turn that around here at home (with questionable success), and the media is calling everyone Nazis, using some of the most vile accusations imaginable as if to instigate violence.  It turns out that communist philosophies are all cuddly and caring, and patriotism is calloused and evil.  It’s beginning to look like we’ll never get past the false accusations or the vile rhetoric.  Unless, that is, there are more miracles in store.  Two years ago the idea that the media would have to invent every imaginable distraction to deflect from actual progress on many fronts, was an impossible dream.  But it’s a nightmare for those that thought they’d defeated love of country conclusively.  We may be frustrated by the halting pace of truth and justice but imagine the fear and suffering of light loafered geniuses behind the scenes.  Miracles may yet be in the offing, not necessarily on our preferred schedule.  Don’t forget how hopeless it looked two years ago.


Mark Armstrong