Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 21 August 2020

Greetings from Tyler,

Stand by to be refused service or canceled completely. You might lose your job. Maybe you’ll be kicked out of the store or restaurant. Unless of course you’re willing to bow down to every new mandate that someone dreams up. Then they might just leave you alone, temporarily. Better not draw any red lines that you’ve already decided not to cross. Red lines are not allowed. When the authorities agree on what you must do, the media tells you why you must comply, and the corporations (or local businesses) demand you come to heel if you want to access their products or services, you know you’re stuck.

Take a look at the things that our nation has determined that we will all accept, or at least not make a stink about. Evolution. Global Warming (along with the attendant worship of windmills and solar panels). Abortion. Homosexuality. Transgenderism. Multiculturalism, diverthity, rioting and looting, mandatory masks, social distancing… What will they demand next? And the big question. Will we be prepared to accept the next mandate?

If you look at the list of things we’ve been made to choke down, you’ll realize this has been a long game. Our whole culture has gradually gotten us used to the idea of compliance with every clap-trap demand. The enforcers are not necessarily even government agencies or officers. Sometimes the places we go to buy what we need or want are the enforcers. It might not even be a manager or employee of the business. It might well be some angry female on aisle 9 throwing a raging fit at you. She’s screaming her head off, thankfully somewhat muffled by her N-95, about “keeping everyone safe!”

“Somebody, call the cops!” Not long ago the “woke” logic went like this. Why do you need a gun? All you need to do is call the police and they’ll handle it. Lately we’ve been shown that doesn’t work. (It still works in East Texas, but this is the exception.) Good luck in the big cities. Now the “woke” crowd demands the police be abolished or defunded. Who you gonna call? What if black lives matter and antifa decide to come to your middle-class neighborhood at say, 3 am, shouting through bull horns that you need to get out of your house and surrender your belongings to them. That’s already started to happen in Seattle and Portland. Mobs are assembling in the wee hours to bang drums and scream profanities at confused, groggy residents, waking their kids and the dogs, telling them they’ve got to give up their residences, trying to get them to come out onto the street. No word if any police showed up. Probably not. It’s Seattle and Portland after all.

They’ve got all the answers on the west coast, all right. They’ve apparently replaced some of the traditional power plants with their lovely windmills and solar farms. Trouble is, they don’t make enough power for the cities (what a shock) especially when it’s really hot, as it is right now. So there are rolling black-outs. Just like the third world.

It looks as though the nonsense is going to keep coming. After all, nobody is pushing back against every un-American, anti-freedom, un-Constitutional mandate they can dream up. But it’s just getting off the ground. Who’s going to put a stop to it if the people won’t. This is the only last hope for avoiding utter tyranny. Think they’re going to stand up in Australia? Wait ’till you read the article in our upcoming WATCH magazine if you think they might. The state of Victoria and the city of Melbourne have gone full police-state with dire penalties for anyone daring to break whatever new set of rules has been announced. And they are incredibly dire and ruinous. Crocodile Dundee must have been a one off. Even the British press is alarmed. You think they’re going to stand against tyrannical nonsense in Britain or Canada? Right. Here in the U. S. we’ve seen a minimum of push back, but lots of, let’s say non-compliance. A few have filed lawsuits or refused to close. So, few that the police have been able to descend in force.

Rioting, looting, arson, marauding in sleeping neighborhoods. That’s all fine, and so very non-violent. But call the wrong pro-noun (oops, who could know for sure?) and that’s it. You’re fired, and good luck ever working again!

Maybe you’ve got your own theory, and maybe you’re right. But it looks like God has taken about enough abuse. Not just from the goon squad in the streets, but from all of us who’ve stood by while our national sins have become symbols of pride. A reason to parade! Now we’re suffering the beginning stages of the curses that accompany such sins automatically. There might have been some hope of turning back, on the other hand it looks a little late.

Once the “authorities” have got us used to bowing down for every bit of “woke” nonsense, how hard will it be to implement the scourges of the end time? We’d better hope God knows who we are and approves of what we’ve done in these “trying times.” Those who refuse the “mark of the beast,” which will be a global MANDATE, are the only ones who will receive His reward. Some will be martyred for their rebellion against whatever stupidity awaits. Mankind as a whole will reap the whirlwind, and worse.

We’re being asked, no TOLD, that we must accept total garbage as the truth, when we know better. The nightly “news” anchors lie in our faces, and then roll their eyes about any who dare disagree with them. They’re some of the worst offenders. The time for quiet acquiescence to our national sins is just about up. If we’re to “cry aloud and spare not,” we better start taking a look at what we’ve already swallowed. If we relied on social media for traction, we would have long ago been silenced. If the communists overtake us, they’ll track us down. That is, if the lady at the grocery store doesn’t get to us first. Have a great SABBATH.

Mark Armstrong