Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 19 July 2019

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Greetings from Tyler,

A war of words has broken out over the report that an American warship shot down an Iranian drone over the Straits of Hormuz.  “Drone?  What drone?  We didn’t lose any drone!” say the leaders of the evil Iranian regime.  So, the warship commanders and personnel made the whole thing up?  Not likely.  But truth is a foreign concept to these religious zealots, as we’ve learned over a lifetime.  Their religion encourages them to lie to us, and we’ve watched them do it for the past forty-odd years.  With North Korea apparently subdued, Iran is the most worrisome threat to Israel and the United States and things could get ugly.  If conflict is unavoidable, it might be best if it happens while Donald J. Trump is President of the United States, and Benjamin Netanyahu is Prime Minister of Israel.

The anti-American “squad” promotes the “BDS” movement against Israel.  It stands for boycott, divest and sanction.  They equate Israel with Nazi Germany, as incongruous as such a comparison is, but they have no shame.  It seems unbelievable that these “women of color” have become the media’s premier grievance activists.  They are in our faces every day with their cries of racism, promotion of unlimited immigration demands that ICE be dismantled.  You couldn’t begin to chronicle all their phony claptrap because it’s non-stop, all day every day.  If you happened to get a look at the photos of Ms. Omar without the headscarf, you’d realize why she wears it. What comes out of her mouth is even worse.

After proclaiming our President a racist for three days in their on-screen banners and host rhetoric, CNN empanelled eight women from Dallas and were stunned when none agreed that the President was racist.  “America, Love it or Leave it,” is a sentiment of long-standing.  There was a hit song from 1964 that spelled it out.  Suddenly, now that we’ve been overrun with heathen from every third world mud-hole, it’s “racist” to say or think any such thing.  The deep-thinkers on CNN have informed us that to support President Trump might not make you a racist, but it certainly makes you a supporter of “racist policies.”  Maybe they’ll win us over if they just keep calling us racists every day!  We’ve arrived at the point where loving our freedom within the bounds of law, loving our Divinely inspired Declaration of Independence and Constitution is some kind of crime against political correctness.

Antifa is (as Tucker Carlson said last night) the militant wing of the anti-American radicals in Congress, and truth be told, the mainstream media.  “They’re just fighting against hate,” say the sodomites.  None of them will speak up against Antifa beat-downs or vandalism.  And head-wrapped Omar thinks al Qaeda deserves respect and finds it hilarious that the murderous name would be used in an ominous manner.  She and her colorful “squad” have become the conscience of the mainstream media, and it can’t get enough of their venomous victim-hood.  The mainstream has hardly noticed that a man armed with a rifle and carrying firebombs was shot and killed while storming an ICE facility in Tacoma, Washington.  Go ahead and search it.  Fox News is the only big outlet that even reported it.  Antifa has proclaimed the dead terrorist a martyr for their cause.  But the mainstream media, with the exception of Fox News, never heard of it, and consequently, many Americans haven’t either.  The dead guy who’d identified himself as, “I am Antifa,” was shot while trying to detonate a propane tank.

Uh oh.  News just broke that Iran has seized two British oil tankers. This means that British crew members are being held by Iran, and things could get dicey.  We have no idea what may be going on behind the scenes, but there is obviously an escalating situation.  High-level emergency meetings are underway in London.  Iran is trying to get even for their tanker that Britain helped seize going through Gibraltar on its way to Syria in violation of economic sanctions against Iran.  The grizzled mullahs have accused Britain of piracy, and proclaimed it “evil.”  Suddenly, now they’re reporting that a third tanker, under the Liberian flag has also been seized.

Thanks to the fact that the U. S. has become energy independent, we don’t have tankers in the Gulf.  But Britain is an important ally, maybe the most important of all.  Chances are, the U. S. will be involved in whatever actions are taken.

Interesting that 91% of the “hate America” party (according to a current poll) expects violence to break out domestically.  They better hope not.  Despite all indications from the media and the attention hogs, those that hate the United States and everything it stands for are nowhere near a majority.  That’s likely why they are for unlimited immigration.  Citizens who obey the law and finance the immigration foolishness are being rapidly replaced.  At this time of a great American revival, events are threatening to spin out of control.  Both Iran and Antifa better hope that doesn’t happen.  Try to enjoy your Sabbath.

Mark Armstrong



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