Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Commentary – 12 February 2021

Greetings from Tyler,

It’s impeachment week, the first one in American history for a President who is out of office. Many are not watching on account of their emotional health. As of today, maybe the impeachment managers are having second thoughts about the wisdom of having entered into this spectacle. Not to upset you, but the defence lawyers made a rather comprehensive montage of those who seek conviction, publicly making statements way beyond anything uttered by #45 on January 6th. He dared use the word “fight,” and so have his accusers, hundreds if not thousands of times.

They called for uprisings. They said the looting and burning would not stop, and “should not stop.” You can look it up if you want to see all the times those seeking conviction have made statements far exceeding what they claim as evidence. It would be worth a hefty sum to be able to see the faces of those, many of whom were having to sit in the proceedings and watch themselves call for “fighting” and “uprisings.” The impostor himself invoked his desire to take Trump out back, “and beat the hell out of him.” Here’s betting there were some red, maybe purple faces in the Senate for having made what you might call “indiscreet utterances.” Apparently, the vote is today, or tonight.

The purge is ongoing. If someone suspects everything might not have been on the up and up last November 3, and in the days following, they’re being described as domestic terrorists. Maybe they’ve forgotten how they bellowed about the election of Trump being illegitimate. They used every artifice to disavow and delegitimize him even before he took office. Then they worked tirelessly to turn the public against him. They shamelessly edited his words in order to call him a racist, which they’ve done relentlessly. Lately, they’re trying to shame and ruin all who supported him or were employed by him. Who are they?

Time magazine (is it still in print?) published an article proudly outlining how big tech, the media and large corporations worked together to bring about his defeat through the Coronavirus scare and mail-in voting, changing election laws without the benefit of State legislatures. It was a full-court-press, and they are very proud of themselves for having achieved the desired result. But, according to the mainstream media and every social media platform (save the few, struggling to survive the onslaught) you better not tell a soul if you suspect something was amiss. They’ll come after anybody who dares suggest such a thing with repercussions. Not only will unapproved statements be blocked and removed, but people are being banned, sometimes permanently.

It’s just a guess, but it’s highly likely we’ll be hearing about shenanigans in swing counties whether the titans of tech like it or not. No court has heard any evidence. Everybody in position to respond to any such discussion just blows a gasket and starts slinging accusations. But some court cases are ongoing, though no judges of any persuasion have been subjected to any evidence. The buffoons trying to throttle any suggestion of malfeasance have apparently forgotten everything they promoted for four years. Now it’s a crime if you have any reservations!

The “great reset,” as imagined by organizations with global clout, is now being touted by corporations we know. Financial corporations. They’re going to enforce zero-carbon policies on their clients. That means nobody gets a loan unless they’ve jumped through every green hoop, and agree that the great worldwide religion of global warming is just as scary as they say it is.

But enough with the depressing nonsense. It’s the Sabbath, and we’re going to enjoy it. Apparently, these bosses are going to outlaw the Bible if they can. They’ve already made much in God’s Word illegal to practice in society. If you intend to live by the Word of God, you better keep it to yourself. Unfortunately, that’s a luxury we don’t have.

Pages could be filled with every means imaginable being employed to weaken or destroy everything the United States ever stood for, including its citizens. But you can read all about it, in glowing terms, on every mainstream outlet. Some of us would rather not! Have a great Sabbath.

Mark Armstrong

PS: As you may know, our segment of the country is in a period of bitter cold. Local radio reports carry news of a 100 car pile-up in Ft. Worth. Tyler police are advising against driving at all as temps hover at or below freezing with a constant drizzle. Consequently, our services for tomorrow have been cancelled. Please contact anyone you know who planned to watch it online.