Greetings from Tyler,

            Everybody is in the Easter spirit, wishing each other a happy good Friday and looking forward to the “Easter” holiday.  My Dad always asked, “What’s good about good Friday?”  He explained that you can’t fit three days and three nights into the period between Friday and Sunday, no matter how you slice it.  Many took heart, and now they’re spread out between countless organizations with “leaders,” some of whom claim to be apostles wielding authority far beyond any human government.


            Now all the mainstream companies and corporations are doing back-flips to become the enforcers of “woke philosophy.”  They are doing what the government can’t do Constitutionally, if that even matters any more.  First we had the “mark” of the mask.  Now we’ve got the “mark” of the vaccine.  What do you think is coming?  It won’t necessarily be on the authority of government (though in some cases, and in some countries it is), it seems that corporations, financial institutions and travel companies can’t wait to impose their “woke” regulations and policies on us all.  All the rage now is the “vaccine passport,” making it nearly impossible to participate in commerce or travel unless you’ve got the “marks” they’ve imposed and unless you express fear and dread of whatever the latest craze may be.  The Governor of Florida is currently the most visible example of someone bucking the “vaccine passport.” 


            Very few are standing against the goody two-shoe movement, and the mainstream media ridicules anyone who dares.  In some cases, they bring false allegations and bogus prosecutions against those bucking the trend.  The military is being emasculated, forced to behave as if they’re enrolled in one of the institutions of “higher learning.”  We’re all starting to wonder if there’s a play on words there somewhere.  We hope not.


            Internationally, it’s as if we’ve returned to the days of Jimmy Carter, meaning nothing but ashamed embarrassment for red-blooded Americans.  The world is threatening once again, and the U. S. is once again the world’s whipping boy.  The current administration (regardless of who’s calling the shots) is bending itself into a pretzel trying to appease Iran and get back into the insane nuclear deal.  But Iran has conditions, and there are currently “third party” talks on the calendar to satisfy whatever demands the Mullahs impose.  Re-entering the “Iran Nuclear Deal” might require another planeload of untraceable cash, and that will seem entirely reasonable to the “team” running American policy.  It worked last time.


            There have been more examples of the absolute inhumanity taking place on the southern border.  Children, sometimes not much more than toddlers, are being used and abused in startling ways.  They seem to be little more than currency to be gambled for the benefit and profit of smugglers, or perish the  thought, families.  Sometimes they’re sent back to be used again.  Border enforcement and ICE are “processing” immigrants as quickly as possible so they can get them on a bus or a plane and relieve some of the overcrowded conditions we’re not supposed to see.  Meanwhile, the smugglers are able to take advantage of the situation to transport their “products” without being chased down.  Enforcement agencies have been overwhelmed, and that was the plan.  The Cloward-Piven strategy.  Very humanitarian, mind you.


            The insanity is such that we can be thankful that God instituted a schedule that takes our minds off much that is going wrong in this world in order to remember how we got here, and the ultimate sacrifice made to secure our place in His kingdom. 


            We’ve been boosting that message, using means we don’t particularly like while we still can.  Our “boosted” message appeared on the screens of 33,858 individuals.  Of those, approximately 5000 engaged in some way (some only to wish us a happy Easter, having not understood what was going on,) but 240 actually followed the “link” and read the article. 


            This weekend entails the last Holy Day of the Days of Unleavened Bread, and the early activities are underway.  Last evening we had a get-together at a vacation home acquired by two families that came to visit.  We had a good turnout for a luncheon today at a local Mexican restaurant, and the crew is (as I write) bowling at a facility in town.  More visitors will be coming for the H. D. service tomorrow, and we hope that everyone far and wide is making use of this annual event.  Thanks to all who are with us in these most ignorant of times.  

 Mark Armstrong