Mark Armstrong’s Update – October 26, 2012

Greetings from Tyler,

What if there was a major story that none of the big media covered? A story that explains what actually happened in the terrorist attack that killed our American ambassador and three others in Ben Ghazi, and why no other military assets were mobilized to assist them. It is now clear that two of the Navy Seals killed in the attack were stationed in a nearby facility, and ordered NOT to intervene to help those under siege in the embassy compound. They reportedly defied orders and went to help anyway, getting themselves killed in the process. But there were other military assets that could have responded, from battleships offshore and on other bases within range.

Maybe it shouldn’t shock us that the administration would have spent weeks trying to divert responsibility from the al Qaeda faction that took responsibility for the attack, but it is truly incredible that ABC News, NBC News, and CNN are not reporting anything at all on this, and CBS has a small story way down the page that omits revelations that are beginning to cascade out a host of reliable sources, and only being reported by Fox News and on talk radio.

It appears that the military has violated its “no man left behind” doctrine, and nobody dares say why. No doubt this scandal will grow to huge proportions sooner or later, when the weight of it becomes too big to ignore. But right now there is an election pending, and it’s no secret which way the mainstream media want it to go. Chances are, most Americans will not become informed on the subject until after the election, if ever.

Lest you think this is an isolated incident and not that big a deal, you might consider the broader implications of mass deception, and the huge role that is playing in the outcome of the most important events in the world. To those who get only a smattering of information, and that from the major papers, media websites and nightly news, the “Arab spring” was a “positive development”; the “occupy protests” were a valid reflection of American’s concerns and frustrations; the economy is on the upswing, and the $16,000,000,000,000.00 debt is not that big a deal; Europe’s debt crisis is under control; and global warming is the greatest threat to mankind.

Talk about deception! Is there no end to it?

In fact the Muslim Middle East is a hotbed of well-armed hatred that threatens every civilized society on earth, not to mention the existence of Israel. Former allies, such as Egypt, are now virulent enemies of everything we stand for, notwithstanding the comments of BOTH presidential candidates.

Despite political spin trying to convince us that the “numbers are improving”, we in the United States face colossal crises in the months ahead due to the inability of our politicians to cease purchasing support with printed money.

Germany’s Finance Minister has just warned that the “Worst is Yet to Come” in Europe’s ongoing economic crisis. And Der Speigle reports that most analysts believe that Greece is ultimately a lost cause, and will drag other nations down with it when the inevitable can no longer be avoided.

And that brings us to one of the greatest con jobs in modern history. Global Warming. You may notice that advertising for all kinds of products and services features wind turbines all over the place. Smart phones, they’ve got wind turbines in the background. Banks, they’ve got wind turbines in the shot. Cars, they’re driving through a forest of wind turbines. Even the oil companies put them in their promotional ads so we’ll know how “green” they are. Unfortunately, a large number of the “green” companies the government threw billions of dollars at have already filed for bankruptcy, including three more in just the past couple of weeks. It seems a bottomless black hole that can absorb all the money the government can conjure up.

There have been numerous articles about how much trouble Germany’s “alternative energy” program is in. Bottom line, they can’t afford it and even if they could it won’t produce the energy needed to power their cities or industries.
Oh, and their carbon trading system is in trouble too!

But here’s the real corker. The very institution that erroneously confirmed and concluded that all the glaciers and ice caps on earth were melting, that landmasses would be flooded, food production damaged, and on and on, recently QUIETLY admitted that “Global Warming Stopped 16 Years Ago.” It seems that never made the mainstream news either.

If this little diatribe hasn’t convinced you that mass deception is underway, just WATCH. We’re going to see many more examples going forward. Bible prophecy told us it would be this way. And it encompasses not just national policies and political elections, but education and religion in a huge way. Yes, even in the Church of God. People have made life-defining decisions based and their willingness to be deceived time after time.

We were warned by the prophets and the apostles. Strong deception is everywhere, and often made to look attractive. May God grant us the good sense to recognize it and make our decisions based on reality and truth.

Have a great Sabbath.

Mark Armstrong