Mark Armstrong’s Update and US and World News Review – 8 January 2016

Greetings from Tyler,

The first news we heard this morning told of two more terrorists being arrested, in California and in Texas. That was followed shortly by the news of a Philadelphia policeman being shot unawares in his cruiser by a Muslim who had pledged allegiance to ISIS. Reports have it that the number of terrorists arrested in the United States over the past year now stands at 113, many if not most of whom were “vetted” by the current administration and cleared for residency status, perhaps citizenship. None of this is going down very well with Americans who have this information. But the information has been largely concealed by the administration, which is still hiding a lot of details about who’s been admitted into the U.S., and where they are.

Governor Greg Abbot of Texas has just come out to call for a Constitutional Convention of States designed to stop the federal government from interfering in matters that were intended to be under the authority of the individual states. One of the issues at hand is the “settling” of illegal aliens in states without the approval, or in many cases even the knowledge of governors.

We see what’s happening in Europe, where masses of Muslim immigrants have set off one mass crime wave after another, most recently resulting in dozens of rapes and sexual assaults on unsuspecting European women who find themselves surrounded and besieged by animalistic immigrants. The stories have been underreported in Europe, and there are charges of a cover-up. Authorities over there seem more concerned about the prospect of a backlash from the indigenous population than they do about the crime wave they’ve set in motion.

While the current administration is doing everything within it’s limited power to regulate firearms Obama just released a series of executive orders instituting a host of gun regulations to “make our communities safer.” His standard response to mass shootings and terrorist attacks is to lament the availability of guns in America. If the teary traitor was interested in making our communities safer, why is he turning tens of thousands of felons out of prison and onto the streets? Why does he insist on the unfettered importation of criminal elements from Mexico and Central America?

Why has the United States allowed tens of thousands, perhaps millions of Muslims from the most terror-ridden nations of the Middle East to come on a variety of visas and stay indefinitely? Obama wants to make our communities safer? No, he’s determined to undermine every aspect of American life as we knew it, and thinks he can put us on a guilt trip in the process. His “town hall” appearance on CNN this week was a dance exhibition, full of sidesteps, contortions and contradictions.

When seismic data showed a minor earthquake in North Korea, it didn’t take long for officials to figure out that another underground nuclear test had taken place. North Korea boasted that it detonated an underground hydrogen bomb explosion, presumably now making them one of the big boys in terms of military capabilities. You may have seen the 90’s vintage press conference where Bill Clinton bragged that UN diplomacy had been successful, and we wouldn’t have to worry any further about nuclear weapons being in the hands of the lunatic leadership of the isolated communist regime. He was full of assurances at the time, and we all see how inaccurate his declarations turned out to be. Experts doubt that North Korea set off a true hydrogen device. But it certainly was a detonation of an atomic bomb nevertheless, and the wildly threatening regime does have a fleet of ICBM’s. And Iran is thought to be involved with the North Korean nuclear program.

If you’ve noticed, Iran and Saudi Arabia have entered into a virtual state of war over the past week. Saudi Arabia executed a well-known Iranian cleric along with forty some odd others charged with terrorist crimes. That set off riots in Tehran that saw the Saudi embassy invaded and burned. Both parties have withdrawn their diplomats and things have never been so tense. It would be odd if we’d not already seen the Obama administration go to such lengths to appease Iran, as they did in the “nuclear deal” that puts $100 billion back into Iranian coffers, but initial indications are that America is siding with Iran in the dispute with Saudi Arabia. The Middle East has been so torn asunder over the past few years that it could easily ignite a world war.

Cable network anchors are beginning to use phrases such as, “Europe is over.” It means that the complexion of Europe has changed from the quaint atmosphere of national cultures to one that has been overrun by one million Muslim immigrants in just a matter of months, adding to the swollen, crime ridden ghettos that already blighted most European cities. Of the one million “refugees” known to have entered in 2015, fully half have disappeared and authorities have no idea where they’ve ended up or what they’re up to.

It’s obvious that the status quo cannot remain in Europe. There is an enormous void in leadership that has allowed a Muslim infestation that is completely out of control. The ground under the feet of Europeans is shifting, without apparent concern from the leadership who set the whole disaster in motion.

Clearly the current American president is not the least bit concerned about the death and destruction that he is bent on importing into the United States, either. All his attention is focused on chipping away at the Constitutional rights of traditional American citizens.

Thanks be to God that our founders were inspired to enshrine our supreme law as closely as possible with God’s Laws and His intent that we live in peace and freedom. We’ve watched in despair as the current president and some Supreme Court justices have attempted and sometimes succeeded in side-stepping and overriding not only the Constitution, but God’s Laws as well. Some people may be tempted to give up, to give in and just hide and watch.

But our commission is to continue to stand for truth, to “cry aloud and spare not” when our whole history and culture has been turned inside out and upside down. Maybe it will be a wild ride fraught with persecution, but we’re not about to lie down or give up. Our thanks to all who are with us in this plight. May God help and bless all who are active in His work and striving to bring the Truth of His plan to all we can. Have a great Sabbath.


Mark Armstrong