Mark Armstrong’s Monthly Letter – September 2017

September 22, 2017

Dear Members and Coworkers,

Deception is at the heart of every conflict and every argument going.  The news media appears to have mastered the art, and have done tremendous damage in the process, but they are not the first, and won’t be the last.  Except when it comes to hurricanes and massive devastation.  There doesn’t seem to be much to disagree about in the middle of a waist deep flood.  All the political posturing and blame gaming take a temporary pause before resuming.  Two hurricanes have taken lives and disrupted everything in islands of the Caribbean and the mainland of Texas and Florida, and more may be on the way.

For several days, nothing else on earth was newsworthy, so far as the networks were concerned.  They cut from one windblown rain-suit to another to try to give the audience a glimpse into what it is like to stand outside in the lee of a building or parking garage and talk coherently while nearly being swept away by powerful gusts.   How important, after all, was it to remove those statues and historical monuments? That was all the news until the hurricanes showed up.  Suddenly, in the face of life or death and the threat of being completely wiped out of home and earthly possessions, the posturing and manufactured anger seemed utterly hollow.

Having given the storms and devastated aftermath LIVE round the clock attention for nearly two weeks, they’re back where they left off, smug as ever.  It really is a hoot watching these alternative lifestyle network anchors deliver their bombshell report, The U. S. Government Wiretapped Trump Campaign Manager During and After Election.  Don’t you love the look on their faces, remembering the weeks and months they spent prompting and agreeing with their expert panels that, “This guy just makes things up!”  They called the claim outrageous, preposterous, a blatant lie, a misdirection designed as a distraction away from the real story of collusion with the Russians!

It was unfathomable that Trump could claim he had his “wires tapped.”  Why, it was an outrageous accusation against President Obama, who would never do such a thing.  For another thing, it’s a virtual impossibility, unless the FISA court were concerned about some foreigner, and someone in the Trump campaign just happened to accidentally get swept up in surveillance under a lawful warrant.  No, the guy’s just “unhinged.”  He’s crazy.  He’s got a contentious relationship with the truth.  Everybody who knows anything about our system of law and government knows that NO administration would dare unleash U. S. investigative agencies on a political opponent.  President Obama’s top intelligence bosses, including James Clapper, categorically denied that any such thing had taken place.  “Trump just lies and lies and lies.”  The New York Times says so!  The Washington Post says so.  Most every newspaper says so.  Everybody on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC and nearly half the people on Fox News say so.  They can’t all be wrong!  (Kind of like the mainstream churches?)

Now, there they are reporting a “BOMBSHELL” story (their description) that makes them and all their socialist buddies look like fools.  The campaign manager was wiretapped before, during and after the election, even months after he was replaced and no longer involved, reports the New York Times! If they hadn’t broken the story, another outlet would have, but you can bet there are lots of writers and editors working right now on damage control.  It’s not like these guys aren’t on the record, in interviews and print over and over again.  The last great hope of the mainstream media in this situation is that the man, Paul Manafort, will be found guilty of some financial crime in his foreign dealings, and or that some highly embarrassing conversation was recorded with the President Elect.  Otherwise they may be expected to account for what they’ve been writing and saying continuously.  It could get entertaining.

“Peaceful” demonstrations are in their third day in St. Louis.  Dragging these “protests” out for days on end allows professional thugs time to get to the scene to do some real damage.  Police allow hundreds, then thousands to block intersections and vent their frustrations screaming obscenities in their faces.  As the police, clothed in riot gear, try to move the crowd along they are pelted with bricks and water bottles, some filled with urine, as the masked anarchists rampage into unprotected areas breaking windows, damaging cars and stealing anything that’s not nailed down.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media does nothing to report the reasons why the policeman couldn’t possibly be found guilty of murder in the 1st degree, as laid out by the judge in the case.  It begins to look like complicity in the effort to incite racial hatred, just like the media (particularly CNN) did during the Ferguson, MO disaster.  “Hands up, don’t shoot” was demonstrated beyond any doubt to have been a despicable lie, intended to make policemen look like racist executioners.  That narrative was even pushed by reporters while the mob stomped and burned police cruisers in Ferguson, and swarmed businesses looting and burning as they went.

But that was then, when authorities all the way up to the Obama White House excused such behavior as the exercise of justifiable anger. And this is now, with a new governor in Missouri and a decidedly different approach at the national level.  Thankfully some eighty of the “peaceful protesters,” as the media insists on describing the mob, have been arrested on felony rioting and property damage charges.  Hopefully, at least several will do serious time, preventing them from acting out at any future “protests” sure to be promoted as “justifiable” racial anger by the mainstream networks.  It’s as if the media itself promotes misunderstanding and hatred having adopted the radical tenets of Saul Alinsky, employing Rules for Radicals as a means of bending the knee of the United States to “social justice.”

That was the plan pursued by every agency of government over the past eight years, and is still the plan of those employed in key positions during that era.  If successful, it would mean the ultimate economic and social implosion of American society in the name of “fairness and equality,” after bringing in so many of the world’s poor and burdening the “social safety net” to the point of collapse.  It was all going as planned, and those who are convinced of the “evil, racist” founding of the most generous nation on the face of the earth, thought they’d succeeded on putting the United States firmly on the path to “transformation.”

Illegal aliens were bused or flown to the destination of their choice, usually in the middle of the night.  Refugees from the most backward, illiterate regions on earth were settled in big cities and rural areas in what appeared to be an attempt to permanently alter the character and demographic makeup of one region after the other.  Those dependent on the mainstream media for information might never have known of the details.  All they were told was that “diversity” and “multiculturalism” were the source of national strength, and that national leadership was wholly committed to the transformation!

Now that the pendulum has swung the other direction, the media couldn’t be angrier, so smug are they in their daily condemnation of the president Americans elected in 2016.  They apparently don’t realize the role they played in bringing about the current demise of their social justice dreams. President Trump just spoke before the General Assembly at the United Nations.  He made it abundantly clear that the U. S. no longer intends to be their whipping boy, at our own expense.  He put North Korea and any who would assist that rogue regime on notice.  He warned Iran.  He made it clear that socialism is a fantasy that has produced only death and destruction.  Listen up, Mister pope!

Probably the greatest deception in all of Christianity, is that the Law was “done away” and the Sabbath changed to the day pagans worshipped the Sun!  Get our new Twenty-first Century WATCH magazine, and you’ll see they’re still doing it!  And request this month’s free offer, New Covenant Sabbath, by Garner Ted Armstrong on CD.  Another massive deception, more important than all others, is revealed to those who want the truth!


Mark Armstrong

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