The Mob Demands Death to America” and the mainstream agrees

We have to rename everything now, in deference to the violent mob. If they don’t get what they want they’ll, “Burn down the system.” After the fires they’ve set, the looting they’ve done, we’re supposed to believe that’s just a metaphor, open to interpretation. It’s a “symbolic taking.”

No one dares talk back, let alone do anything to stop the communist takeover underway. If Trump does anything they’ll call him a dictator, which of course, they do anyway. The mayors and police authorities in the smoldering cities won’t do much. They’re taking a knee, in some cases literally bowing down before crowds capable of destroying everything in sight if provoked.

Every big-name company and corporation is bowing down, or in many cases actually giving large sums of money, or should we say buying protection—mafia style—to the organizations that are funding the mob. And it’s not just Black Lives Matter, although the admittedly Marxist outfit obviously welcomes the muscle of the anarchists, the rainbow crowd and every other dispossessed misfit. They’ve joined together to insist that all law enforcement is intrinsically racist, and so are you! Any denial will get you beat to a pulp. If you get in the way of the mob, you won’t even have a chance to make such a denial, which anyway would be proof of guilt to the goons. Assuming these people wreaking havoc know something about anything, which is highly doubtful.

Watching everybody take a knee in fear, meet the mob half way, accept the destruction of our history, and “take responsibility” for things that happened in another era is the most pitiful display ever witnessed. The media has determined that they will make us kneel! Make us wear a mask, regardless! Force an admission of racism or else.

Now there’s another preposterous accusation, and we’re supposed to believe it this time. With somber tones and straight faces, the “news” people told us that Trump was “colluding with Russia.” They told us that he was Putin’s puppet, doing Russia’s bidding from the Oval Office. And Mike Flynn was betraying the United States, and conniving with the Kremlin in secret phone calls. For three years the “news” media maintained it’s somber demeanor while they accused the most patriotic of Americans of sedition, perhaps treason. They ridiculed everyone who didn’t buy their idiotic claims, calling us stupid and unwilling to accept reality.

When it blew up in their faces after three years of pumping out the story day and night, they hardly noticed that their big investigation yielded nothing beyond the deep-state coup that they insisted was a conspiracy theory. Maybe that’s because the “news” media was up to its eyeballs in the farce, complicit in reporting every false story from their “insiders” and “whistle-blowers.” The whole thing blew up in their gay faces. The Mueller investigation they’d hyped for nearly Trump’s whole first term was a complete and utter embarrassment. Mueller fell completely apart in public testimony, revealing that he didn’t even know, in some cases had never heard of, things that appeared in the report he’d supposedly written.

But that didn’t slow them down one bit. The corrupt media moved seamlessly toward impeachment with the ungainly Schiff and Nadler leading the charge. The media, once again, was all in on President Trump’s guilt. It was all in the Ukrainian phone call! But, once again Schiff, Nadler and their minions lied every day and night to the media, and the media lied to all of us, insisting that high crimes and misdemeanors had been committed by the President, and the only remedy was removal from office. But that left them with soot all over their faces like cartoon characters that accidentally blew themselves up. Still, they never noticed, never apologized, never admitted what fools they’d made of themselves for all to see. Instead, they purported to still believe their own fake news and figured they were probably right all along, despite their inability to prove any claims they’d been making for years.

The mainstream media has yet to own up to its role in trying to bring down a presidential administration on the basis of, shall we say, nonsense. Now, they’ve got a brand new toy. This time they’re claiming that Trump was briefed on a report that Russia was paying Taliban terrorists a bounty for every American soldier they could kill, and the President hid that fact, knowing full well that American soldiers were being killed for money.

It’s just as far-fetched, and divorced from reality as the previous “news” reports. It’s a quandary as to how President Trump has even survived. He’s had corrupt federal agencies, together with the corrupt media working day and night to accuse him of the most outlandish, nonsensical intentions all the while scolding the population about how racist we all are. Racism, they say, is a fact of America’s founding. They’re trying to say the very existence of our flag, our national anthem, our founders, our history and our whole culture is irredeemably racist.

They’ve thrown red paint all over memorials of George Washington. They’ve toppled statues of every respected or reviled figure in American history. They’ve burned some of the most expensive retail locations, rampaging like the criminal idiots they are, fists in the air as they cavort in silhouette.

Can you point to ANYONE (save DJT) who dares stand up and defend America? The so-called conservatives in government have fallen over like bowling pins. They’re prepared to give in to all manner of demands. The so-called conservatives are quietly working to root out Columbus Day and replace it with Juneteenth. The important thing, and parties on all sides of every debate are absolutely sure of one thing: We must wear masks!

Even one of the most popular “conservative” voices is on every day and night saying, “If we can go back to ball games, we’ll wear them.” Maybe he will. Some of us might just as soon not go anywhere the mask police will harass us. The idea that some believe that we have the constitutionally guaranteed freedom not to make any of several public statements that masks represent just drives the media personalities to distraction. They claim that their insistence is not even politically motivated. But you’re just “so wrong” if you think you have the freedom NOT to make all the statements the mask represents.

Wearing the mask says you believe in the sham-demic, and one or two of us don’t. It says that you want to patronize some business or another so badly that you’ll capitulate to the pressure. You have to fly after all, don’t you? You will wear the mask or be removed from the flight, as has happened already. Wearing the mask also is a sign (to some of us) that you’ve taken a knee. That you believe in all their nonsense and submit. We’re being softened up to submit to things we don’t respect or believe in. How about #TogetherAlone? That makes no sense, but you’re expected to feel a rush of warmth at the idea of people watching each other eat on computer screens, and pretend like they’ve been to dinner. If you think pressure to wear a mask is intense, wait till they decide everybody must shave their heads for the public health, or take a Mark in order to participate in economic activity. That’ll fix us.

What won’t we accept? Especially when they accuse us of “endangering the public.” You must SUBMIT to society’s demands. Even the mob wears masks, but it has nothing to do with the virus. When we all wear masks, we signal agreement with the mob. The fact that governors and mayors are doing the bidding of the goon-squad is no sign that the rest of us are ready to relinquish our Constitution, the Bill or Rights, the Declaration of Independence, or history or culture. You obviously are FREE to make your own decisions, without speaking for anyone else. Aren’t we all? Some, apparently few, of us believe that appeasement is not the answer. Thanks anyway, Governor Abbot. But the Governor has bought in to the phony “spike” stories that the “news” media tells us are true, and set Texas back even further as to any hope of a swift recovery. It looks like the media, or the mob has gotten to him.

On the first or second of July, CNN’s Erin Burnett shook her head in exasperation explaining that some people consider the maze of mandates an infringement of personal freedoms and liberties guaranteed in all our founding documents. “That’s so WRONG!” she explained, out of breath, shaking her head in disbelief, amazed that anyone would dare even make such a claim. Across the board, including many of the “contributors” on Fox News, they are incredulous that President Trump has not issued a national mask mandate, and spend countless hours expressing disbelief. Never mind the details. Never mind Dr. Fauci’s earlier statements about the ineffectiveness of masks and the statement, “There’s no need for Americans to go around wearing masks…” No, the good doctor has changed his mind, and as you all know, we need to make a U-turn every time the self-impressed little leprechaun thinks he’s cuter than before.

Crime has gone exponential in every big city. Even the fake news admits it obliquely while insisting that the protesters are peaceful, and we need to take note. The police now know that any time they’re summoned, thinking someone’s been shot or killed, it could well be an ambush. It’s happened repeatedly. Murders, robberies and assaults are occurring at vastly increased rates in most cities. Meanwhile mayors and city officials are rushing to pass rules and laws that might appease the mob. The “de-fund the police” movement has gained traction. New York’s de Blasio and kindred spirits across the United States are falling all over themselves to grant mob wishes by slashing police budgets. De Blasio’s slash is reportedly one billion dollars. The Minneapolis City Council has resolved to abolish the police and “RE-IMAGINE” law enforcement. Everybody’s repeating the magic re-imagine phrase. But the insurrectionists have a never-ending wish list that includes the redistribution of all private property. In fact they hate, viscerally, the very concept of private property.

They are felling statues and memorials at a blinding pace. Now they are after the founders and framers, without whom none of these cities would have existed in the first place. Without the idea of America, governed by “We, the People” we probably wouldn’t even be here, and might never have been born. There certainly wouldn’t be the kind of wealth they love to plunder, or cities to loot and burn. But they’re on a roll, and can’t be bothered with logic just now. They’re happy to let the homosexuals that dominate prime time do their explaining. Have you seen these idiots cavorting in the faces of policemen? Have you looked at those desecrating memorials and pulling down statues? Are they being paid? Because from the looks of them, they likely don’t know anything about anything.

There are some voices, even in the medical community who say the “spike” in virus cases is a farce. Sick people are going to hospitals all right. For two months they were afraid to go, and now they’re flooding in. Hospitals are testing everyone, and claiming COVID cases exist in patients who’ve come in for other reasons. Reporters are giddy, breathless, as the inevitable spike leads every news report. To supporters of the riots; to the officials who’ve waited a lifetime for the opportunity to clamp down on the general population; to the flabbergasted mainstream reporters who just can’t believe that no national mask mandate has been declared; it’s the best news they could have hoped for.

Time is short. The mob, backed by the media and business entities paying protection in a myriad of ways, needs to bring down Trump, Attorney General Barr or if necessary the whole system of governance in the United States before the lead players in the failed coup are indicted. It was announced just last night that a whole bunch in the House of Representatives have signed a petition calling for the impeachment of Barr. To justify it, they trotted out one of those who claimed to have “proof” of Russian collusion for the past three years. He’s concerned about damage to the rule of law if Barr should continue in office. In fact, it’s Obama’s inner circle and his agency brass that are implicated in the earlier attempt at insurrection. Supposedly the cases are nearing completion, but we’ve heard that before. Nonetheless, all the big name Deep State players have reportedly lawyered up just in case. Meanwhile, many federal employees and heads of agencies support the ongoing insurrection against the United States in general, and against the current President in particular. It’s a battle for the soul of the United States, and everybody seems willing to appease the mob. They’ll never be appeased, and they’ll never stop making demands, no matter what we do.