Free and Confident – Commentary by Mark Armstrong

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A Mark Armstrong commentary:


Angela Merkel has doubled down on Germany, and Europe, continuing to accept an unlimited number of refugees from Northern Africa and the Middle East. She’s just said that Europe’s strongest response to the ongoing threat of further terror attacks on European soil is “to carry on living our lives and our values—as we have until now, self-confident and free, considerate and engaged.” She delivered this line to a round of applause. But everyone’s not clapping

Unfortunately, for hundreds who have been shot up and blown up by Muslim terrorists, carrying on living life, with whatever confident, considerate values they had is no longer a possibility. And what about Belgium, and Brussels, which has shaped up to be a sort of Muslim-ghetto headquarters for jihadists? That city has been turned into a ghost town, with citizens ordered to “shelter in place.” The authorities don’t want anyone going out anywhere because they know they’ve got active terrorist cells in the city who are anxious to keep the up the momentum of fear kicked off by the Paris attacks.

How self-confident and free are the inhabitants of Brussels, Mrs. Merkel? The orders to stay home and shelter in place for a city like Brussels sounded a lot like marshal law. Maybe worse than marshal law! This is what many have feared for the United States, that internal threats might become so urgent that government agencies and law enforcement might be tempted to set up road-blocks all over the place, monitor everyone’s comings and goings, question everyone’s movements and motives, thereby destroying the whole concept of a free society. But in Brussels, the threat level for a terrorist event has been elevated to the highest level. Known terrorists are believed to be hiding among the Muslim population, protected by a sentiment that sees the host country and its law enforcement personnel as “the enemy.”

Right now in France, civil liberties have been suspended. Police can barge in and raid anybody, anywhere without a warrant. And the French people, in the wake of the horrific attacks in Paris, are fine with it. They are confident that only Muslim terrorist suspects will be targeted. We’ve also learned that French security has dropped all the niceties of political correctness amid the crisis. There is racial and religious profiling being carried out all over the place, in raids, at checkpoints and public transportation terminals. Muslims are suspicious, they’re getting the full shakedown treatment and the French, politically correct as they are, believe the policy is justified and necessary.

If that happened in the United States, the news media would be screaming bloody murder! Obama wouldn’t stand for it. He’d be issuing executive orders left and right. U.S. government agencies don’t seem the least bit perturbed that they’ve ruined the pleasurable experience of air travel by treating us ALL like potential terrorists, including searches of personal items, x-rays that see through our clothes, pat-downs and all manner of abusive nonsense. They know, and we know that its an idiotic exercise in futility unless they are targeting actual potential terrorists, but they give us no choice. If you want to fly on a commercial plane, spread your feet and put your hands up in the air, or opt for a pair of blue gloves to get very intimate with your person. But I digress.

Mrs. Merkel’s latest speech will again be broadcast all over the Middle East. The story will be carried in every foreign paper, in every language, again. The message is, “Come one come all!” We’ll make sure you’re “settled” and supported. It’s as if she’s acquired a case of the Obama malady. And it will surely lead to terrorism, a fearful and angry domestic population, and anything but the “free and confident” Europe she proposes. It’s looking more like the demise of western civilization, courtesy of politically correct, socialist lunacy.



Mark Armstrong


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