Evolution….A Whale of a Tale!



A WHALE of a Tale!

Evolutionists say all life began in the SEA! You and I, they say, began as a simple, one-celled organism which resulted from a “chance strike of lightning in a primordial soup of methane and ammonia!” Those simple cells ultimately became sponges, then fish, then mammals, which came ashore, climbed trees, and then some of them slithered back into the oceans to become toothed whales and dolphins! But some of them “branched out, ” to become apes and eventually man! Is evolution true? For, if it is, then your Bible is nothing but a collection of ancient Hebrew fairy tales and myth! Here is a sometimes humorous look at the utter IMPOSSIBILITY of macro evolution, and how the fact of symbiosis; two or more totally different species living together, each dependent on the other, shows evolution to be nothing more than a ludicrous myth!

by Garner Ted Armstrong 

When I have opportunity to return to the western slope of the Rocky Mountains, I always pause at a wind-swept, barren ridge overlooking a sand wash near the upper Vermillion River. The vista is breathtaking; Black Mountain, north of Craig, Colorado, over seventy miles away, stands out clearly from my 9,000 foot high vantage point.

I always stoop to examine the fossil-laden rocks beneath my boots. As my grandchildren have grown, I have usually pocketed a small number of the little, spiral-shaped pyramidellacea, fossil remains. Some are separate, most are jumbled together, their fossilized bodies composing the entire rock. They are a kind of snail which existed thousands of years previously when this region, now averaging about seven to ten thousand feet above sea level, was covered by shallow seas.

What are they doing here?

As everyone who has studied geology knows, the continent was once beneath the oceans. In the highest mountains are found fossil remains which once teemed in their millions beneath the waters of the sea. Yet, they were buried, suddenly, by some sort of gigantic catastrophe.

All over the world, the evidence is similar.

The famed “White Cliffs of Dover” are composed of the bodies of billions of shellfish, which, having been sorted according to sectional density, size, shape, and specific gravity, now appear as whitish chalk.

The little snails I find in Colorado were likewise sorted, then deposited according to specific gravity as mind-boggling waves once lashed this area, scouring the emerging mountain peaks, deeply carving them, depositing billions of tons of sediment atop each other as the tidal action caused by the moon caused the receding waters to ebb and flow.

As the centuries passed, and the tectonic plates groaned with the massive upheavals which thrust vast sections of the earth’s crust upward, forming the Rocky Mountains, the sediment hardened, then sometimes bent, twisted, and broke. Some of them were ground over the top of others, and some were shoved vertically upward, like the cracking ice floes of the Arctic Ocean, to be subjected to thousands of years of sun, wind and rain, metamorphosing, changing shape and texture.

The beauty of those incredible upthrusts, synclines, isoclines, hogbacks, mountains and valleys is breathtaking. It is like a book, which can be read, when one pauses to study how these mountains were formed; to ask, “what was the ocean doing this far inland?” Could the Bible have anything to say about such geological phenomena?

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