A Mark Armstrong Commentary on Anarchy in the US – 3 June 2020

The Explanation for U. S. ANARCHY

You obviously don’t need to find out the details of rioting, looting, and arson, as it’s playing out LIVE wherever you look. But the truth behind this anarchy is another matter. There are powerful individuals, institutions, and maybe most important of all, media outlets that are working together to foment an overthrow of America. They desperately need to overthrow the presidency, the economy, and law and order in the United States because they’ve been exposed. It’s not like we didn’t know what they’d done nearly three years ago. We did and said as much. But the mainstream media has not gone anywhere near the truth. If you can stand it, take a look at the mainstream media. They’re explaining that what we’re seeing in all the looting and burning is righteous indignation. It’s not stealing, they explain, but “symbolic taking.” It’s reparations by force. Don’t you believe it.

The heroes of the deep state (you know many of their names) are in life-changing legal trouble for having tried to overthrow the Presidency. It’s proven in the clearest terms by official reports of inspectors general, by released, formerly classified private testimony, and is available to those that know where to look. But the mainstream media is NOT the place to look. Why? As we’ve said before in numerous letters and weekly updates, they were in on it. They were promoting the overthrow, the impeachment, and every effort to make the masses HATE the President with all the passion they can muster.

They’re not through. They’re doing it right now as you read this. They’re playing the video and expressing their disgust at the police killing of George Floyd, over and over and over again. They tell you to, “Open your eyes, America.” It’s “systemic racism.” It’s evil capitalism which is inherently racist according to the daily propaganda.

They didn’t need to tell us to be disgusted and angry. We couldn’t even watch the whole video of that slow-motion, utterly unnecessary killing, with other police officers standing around with nothing better to do than loiter. IT OUTRAGED EVERY AMERICAN. They didn’t need to loot and burn everything they could get their hands on, beat and kill police officers, and try to burn down the White House in order that we understand. We already understood.

It’s being played as if this is the end game, and it might be if things are not immediately brought under control. This is quite a spectacle, not only for those of us who love the U. S. and the freedom bequeathed to us at God’s inspiration. From the standpoint of antifa, black lives matter, and most importantly the deep state, the United States must be overthrown NOW. They think they’ve got the upper hand, and every nation around the world is now wondering if this is the end of the USA.

The mainstream media, in league with the deep state, is all in. Evidence has come out that the effort to destroy the Trump Presidency was coordinated. There was collusion all right, but not the “collusion” they pushed into American living rooms for three years. It all fell apart. Mueller failed spectacularly, and the lies that had been spewed by the deep state and the media have been exposed in hearings, in the sham-impeachment, and by several extraneous sources, “fact-checked” or banned by the social media giants.

Most interested observers may still not know that the heroes of the deep state and the plot to destroy the Trump Presidency were saying one thing under oath, where it mattered from a legal standpoint, but were claiming to have evidence of “Russian collusion” every night on all the mainstream networks, and quoted under headlines designed to deceive the public into believing that Donald Trump, Michael Flynn, and ALL CONSERVATIVE THINKERS were aiding and abetting “RUSSIA.” It was a ridiculous lie, and they knew it. But these wretched TV anchors with their hooded eyes and angry demeanors claimed to know it to be the truth. They criticized and demeaned all who did not believe them. They called the truth a conspiracy theory as it came out. They’re still doing it. It’s a non-stop push, and it’s getting even worse going forward.

The big-name heroes of the deep state are in deep trouble of the legal variety. If the rule of law survives, if their culpability is ever adjudicated by the standards of justice that define our system, they’re going down in the most serious of terms. They’ve committed actions punishable by either life in prison or the DEATH PENALTY under American law.

This is for all the chips. If law and order survive in the United States, they’re finished! That’s why they’re trying to destroy the United States right now. And they think they’ve got the upper hand. The media personalities may bear legal risk, as they were up to their ears in one coup attempt after another. They have to call it a “conspiracy theory” because they are involved! That’s the explanation for the inexplicable.

Mark Armstrong


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