“EUROPE and AMERICA in Prophecy” by Garner Ted Armstrong

Europe and America in Prophecy” can be read online or you can request a FREE hard copy of this 147 page book that will open your eyes to really understand Bible prophecy. The End Time prophecies of the Bible cannot be understood except with real and certain knowledge of the identity of Israel in these latter days. Yes, the Jews are Israelites but they are just one tribe, Judah, out of thirteen (13) tribes of Israel. Yes the Jews  include Judah and the bulk of the tribe of Levy and a portion of Benjamin (Paul was of the tribe of Benjamin), plus smatterings from the other ten tribes. But what about the other ten (10) tribes. Where are they? And who is modern day Ephraim and Manasseh, Joseph’s sons whom Jacob (Israel) blessed above all the others? Where do you find a great company of nations and a great nation in these latter days who were to be a blessing upon the whole world? It’s a fascinating story traceable through the Bible and secular history. This book contains a bibliography of over 100 sources.

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