GTA TV Ep. #9930 – “‘The REAL Jesus”- Garner Ted Armstrong

Who was Jesus Christ? He is depicted in “religious” art as effeminate in looks oftentimes, soft featured, long haired, dreamy eyed. Was that the way He looked? That’s not what the Bible tells us.

Christ is also often portrayed as what seems to be the upstart Son, Who came to do away with His Father’s terrible old laws. But that’s not what the Bible tells us He was at all.

In fact the REAL Jesus Christ, the One that the Bible really depicts in both the Old and New Testaments is nothing like the popular, but false Christ peddled by mainstream religion.

In this program Garner Ted Armstrong starts to touch on what Christ was really like. In his book, “The REAL Jesus”, offered on this program and available on request to the addresses below, Garner Ted Armstrong fully develops what is plain and logical from what the Scriptures tell us of Christ – the man. As well as Christ before His human birth and also what Christ is doing now, as He awaits the time that only His Father knows, when He will return to earth in power to establish His Kingdom.

As noted the book, “The REAL Jesus” is available upon request free of charge. There is also a free CD or DVD copy of a GTA sermon titled “The Jesus You Never Met” available by writing to GTAEA, PO Box 173, Botany, NSW 1455 Australia or in the USA, GTAEA, PO Box 747, Flint, Texas, 75760-0747 or by calling 1300 885 066 (Australia) and (903) 561 7070 (USA).

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