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Garner Ted Armstrong (1930 – 2003) was, for nearly 50 years, an exemplar in radio and television evangelism of an uncommon kind. He was the voice of the World Tomorrow program on radio and television for more than two decades from the late 1950s followed by a further 25 years, from 1978, principally via television, preaching the true and actual doctrines of the Bible and in particular the Gospel of the coming Kingdom of God and millennial rule of Jesus Christ.

Over the five years to his death in 2003 Mr. Armstrong presented the “GTA” television program. It is from these programs we have taken the best and made them accessible on this website. Has there ever been a more engaging, forthright, thought provoking, challenging and, dare we say, LOGICAL “religious “ broadcaster?

The work of the late Mr. Garner Ted Armstrong continues as he explores and expounds the unvarnished truth of the Bible in the episodes of the GTA program appearing on this website. These are some of the programs that have been, telecast on Australian television since March 2002 on Prime TV and on outlets in Tasmania, and more recently in Sydney, NSW (TVS) and Perth, WA (WTV). The GTA telecast was briefly on C31, Melbourne, Victoria from March to May 2014 at 5.30am. And some years ago the program was broadcast on Southern Cross TV in Tasmania and across Australia’s remote ares via satellite including Darwin and North Queensland. The program had been telecast also from 31Digital Channel 44 Brisbane for five years up to August 2015.

The ten year run the program had on Prime TV across regional Victoria, regional NSW and the Gold Coast ended April 2012.  The GTA program’s run on Community TV ended on 20 December 2015 when TVS Sydney ceased to broadcast.

The ‘GTA’ TV program, featuring Garner Ted Armstrong,  completed a 13 week series on TV Station 4ME on Sunday 10 April 2016. As finances permit we hope the program will return to Australian television in the near future.

We have over 55 GTA TV programs and over 220 GTA sermons uploaded to this page.

If wishing to request FREE literature and audio / video (CDs/DVDs) materials offered on the GTA TV program please write in Australia to GTAEA PO Box 232 Sandy Bay Tasmania 7006 or call 1300 885 066. In the USA write to GTAEA PO Box 747 Flint Texas 75762 or call (903) 561 7070. From anywhere email


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