Audio Archive

The career of Garner Ted Armstrong spanned almost 50 years in radio and television broadcast. As well as thousands of radio and TV programs Mr. Armstrong also authored hundreds of booklets, articles and several books. Many of those written pieces can be viewed on our booklet page.GTA TV programs and video sermons can be viewed on the GTA TV page.

The audio archive will eventually house hundreds of Mr. Armstrong’s sermons over the decades as well as the audio of some TV programs and a great many of his radio broadcasts, with a number of memorable series from the 1980’s of very topical content. It will take time to fill out the audio archive page with all the content available. We think you will find eventually the evidence in this archive that Mr. Armstrong was the strongest, most consistent advocate for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the soon coming Kingdom of God and the trunk of the tree doctrines of the Bible.

The audio archive as it stands consists hundreds of Garner Ted Armstrong sermons. There remains hundreds of additional sermons to be added over time.

Latest Sermons

Iron and Clay – the coming together of the Book of Revelations Beast Power and False Prophet

HWA & GTA Compilation: “Witness and Warning” – How it went out

“Holy Times, Holy Places” – 1998

“The First Great Edict” – 1998