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Through the GTA television program Garner Ted Armstrong continues to preach the truth of the Bible, including the gospel of the coming Kingdom of God, as a witness and warning, before God’s intervention in human affairs at the end of this age – perhaps not so many years ahead.

On this website you will find high quality video GTA TV programs and hundreds of GTA video sermons, as well as hundreds of GTA audio sermons plus audio radio series and also dozens of  booklet titles to read online or request in hard copy. In addition there is also a list of available GTA sermons to request on CD or DVD. Additional TV programs and GTA sermons will be added over time. On the ICG (Our Church) page you will also find a number of more recent weekly Sabbath sermons.

You will also find links to the websites of our parent US based organizations with which we are closely affiliated – the Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association and the Intercontinental Church of God, both headquartered at Tyler, Texas. Those sites provide an abundance of Biblically based sermon and Bible Study materials.

http://www.garnertedarmstrong.org/ | http://www.intercontinentalcog.org/index.php

We welcome questions concerning Biblical teaching and requests for offered booklets, CDs and DVDs.

The Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association is also publisher of Twenty First Century WATCH – Archive. The latest edition is now available in hardcopy or can be read online from this page. To request your free hardcopy use the address details found on the “Contact” page or just send us an email. Read the latest issues, Volume 18, #1 First Quarter 2015, #2 Second Quarter 2015 and the very latest #3 Third Quarter 2015 online below. Hard copy of the latest Twenty First Century Watch to the subscription list in Australia early October. Get on the FREE subscription list and don’t miss an issue.

TCW Vol.18 #3 2015

TCW Vol. 18 #3 2015

TCW Vol.18 #2, 2015

TCW Vol.18 #2, 2015

TCW v18#1-1

TCW Vol.18#1,2015


Twenty First Century WATCH Vol. 17 #3

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