Weekly Update from Mr. Armstrong – 3 May 2013

Greetings from Tyler,


It would be hard to better illustrate what is happening to our once great nation, and consequently to some of the most important regions on earth than the onslaught of news currently vying for our shortened attention spans.

We’re constantly forced to look deep into the soulless eyes of terrorist monsters, guilty of blowing innocent civilians to bits with no sign of conscience.  At the same time, the most recent reports show that there are nearly a million “immigrants” among us whose names are on “terrorist watch” lists.  No wonder these Chechen Muslims were able to move freely and commit their ghastly deed. There are about 875,000 of them here that fit similar descriptions!

The quality and convenience of American travel has been destroyed by the dictates of our own agencies, while those who rate the official “watch” list have been allowed to freely depart and re-enter the United States.  And the citizens of Massachusetts, in their boundless compassion, were funding the terrorists with welfare and other subsidies, the true extent of which may never be revealed.

Now they’re pushing a “bipartisan” law in the Senate that would give all the illegals, nearly half of which are from somewhere other than the southern border, papers, rights and benefits.  For whatever blizzard of tortured logic, the laws that exist simply can’t, or won’t be enforced.  No, the law can’t be enforced or the border secured until they pass new laws that legitimise the illegal presence of twelve to twenty million, and offer them a “path to citizenship.”  Americans will be forced to support a vast multitude of them, pay for their many wants and needs (just like Massachusetts supported the Boston bombers) and eventually give them an equal say in our elections.  Are we not in enough trouble already, or must we double down on our demise while being lectured by several of those we hoped we could trust to defend our safety and prosperity?

Regardless, Muslim terrorists currently account for a great deal of our national concerns amid warnings not to attribute these acts to any “broader plot.”  Not only that, we’re routinely reminded that it’s mostly America’s fault that so many Muslims perpetrate or support terrorism.

A couple of weeks ago, before the Boston bombing, North Korea briefly had everyone’s attention with their threats of nuclear strikes.  That has gone temporarily quiet, but certainly unresolved.  They’ve still got nuclear capability and they’ve still got long-range missiles.

For the past several years concern has been focused on Iran, its threats against Israel and the U.S. implying that radical theocracy might strike out like a suicide bomber with nukes.  It is still a huge problem and a great concern.  But right now news concerning Iran is centred around how the re-election of Ahamadinejad was fraudulently rigged.  Who knows what goes on internally in that lunatic Shiite police state?

Without even changing the subject, we’ve just been informed over the past 24 hours that the U.S. is “re-thinking” its refusal to arm rebels battling the regime of Bahir Assad in Syria.  Nearly every  report on the subject acknowledges that many of these “rebels” are jihadists.  They’ve already been supplied with night vision equipment, vehicles and “non-lethal” supplies by the U.S.  They may have been supplied from stocks in Libya, but that’s only a rumour swirling around the mysteries of Ben Ghazi and the four dead Americans.  Maybe it won’t be much of a scandal after all if arming Syrian rebels becomes a matter of above-board policy.

Not only do our leaders find it economically feasible to arm fanatics battling Assad, while our own national security falls victim to poorly administered budget constraints, it has just come to light that the Department of Defence has contracted to purchase “green fuel” at a cost of $59 dollars per gallon.   Isn’t that compassionate toward the planet?

Socialism and communism are proven to be disastrous, Godless ideologies.  Global warming, climate change or whatever the deceptive euphemism of the moment may be, is a flimsy hoax.  Traditional marriage is a Divinely sanctioned institution, and “gay” whatever is an abomination.  And which direction has our nation, and the rest of the western world taken on each account?

The stock market may be breaking new ground, the latest phony unemployment figures may look good, but we shouldn’t be deceived.  The United States is plummeting down a path of no return.  Europe has set itself up for a future under Germany.  Israel is surrounded by violent zealots dedicated to its destruction.  Prophecies are being fulfilled, and we must all do our part to put distance between ourselves and the evil that will befall this world on its course to tribulation.

Mr. Robert Nunnery, our Area Coordinator from Fayetteville, NC is due to arrive this afternoon, and will be our guest speaker this Sabbath.  He’s bringing some friends and members with him and we look forward to spending time with them.  The new 21st Century WATCH is complete and will be mailed early in the week.  It covers many of the most important bases, and we’re anxious to get it out.  Hope you’ll all have a good and fulfilling Sabbath!

Mark Armstrong