Weekly Update from Mr. Armstrong – 12 June 2015

Greetings from Tyler,
What on earth is Obamatrade? No one knows, save the handful of Washington legislators with sufficient Top Secret clearances to be able to attend private meetings behind locked doors. However some details have leaked out, and while not widely available, they include some of the most stunning developments imaginable.
Congressmen, including several who style themselves as conservative, unbelievably are campaigning for quick passage. According to some who have had access to the proposed law, it creates an international commission which will have the power to enact regulations in the United States along with other signatory nations. Global warming/energy usage regulations, immigration regulations, and who knows what kind of rules and regulations the citizens and businesses of America might be subjected to by some international commission?
Thank goodness it failed in a sound defeat today, Friday. And that after the president himself had run all over the place insisting he had to have it. Unbelievably, several of those considered to be solid conservatives were themselves campaigning to pass this unknown measure into law even though no one seems able to clearly articulate what it would mean. Given the record of the past six years and all the executive actions, many of which appear to be blatantly illegal and in direct contravention of Federal and State law (and certainly not in the interests of preserving the integrity of the United States or its position of leadership in the world), if Obama wants it that bad, how good could it be?
They tell us that passage is crucial to the president’s second term legacy. As far as we’re concerned, the president’s legacy has already been cemented in the policies and actions of the past six years. They’ve been nothing but destructive to the demographic makeup of the population; they’ve seen race relations plummet; people have been encouraged to defy and disrespect police; criminals are running amok and shooting it out in the nation’s big cities; there is no end to the mandates they’ve tried to impose upon us; they’re systematically destroying the dollar, spending America into the poorhouse with social programs, welfare, food-stamps, housing programs and disability for all who claim it. But they haven’t given up trying to grant the president “fast track international treaty authority.” Apparently there will be more arm-twisting over the weekend and early next week, and they intend to bring this secret monstrosity to another vote sometime next week. Regardless of some of the big-name conservatives backing its passage, I personally hope it goes down in flames.
Having placed a calls to several House representatives’ and Senators’ offices, I told them that giving an international body regulatory powers over many nations including the United States sounds to me like the stinking Mark of the Beast! After that it was so quiet I had to make sure they hadn’t hung up on me. (They hadn’t.)
Our borders are still being flooded with undesirables looking to get on government assistance so they can make babies and commit crimes without having to worry about making a living. Human trafficking and drug cartel activity not only swarms across the border but is bringing cartel crime syndicates to every city and town.
We barely recognize our country. Government officials are jamming their promotion of queerdom in our faces, in conjunction with TV and radio programming and advertising. (Have you seen the “dare boldly” Cadillac adds?)
I read this week of “gay pride” ceremonies that included the top brass in the Pentagon. One homosexual who’s been promoted to the rank of General stood before the assembled officers and introduced his “husband” to a round of applause. Army General Randy Taylor introduces his husband at Pentagon gay pride event. Washington Times. Imagine the scene! How might that bode for America’s military exploits?
The continuity of the United States is in jeopardy as never before. Governmental idiots are worrying about the planet warming a fraction of a degree over decades and centuries, when they should be worrying about fire raining down. It’s nothing but an excuse to put government agencies in charge of everybody’s everything, until there is no personal or national sovereignty.
They can threaten whatever they want. We’re not about to give up God’s Word over a bunch of irritable queers, whether they’re the Top brass at the Pentagon or whatever.
But most of mainstream so-called “Christianity” is being bought off.
A deeply detailed article entitled “Rolling in Green” (World magazine) shows that some of the same “left-wing” (socialist/communist) organizations that promote this president, bends the truth in media and funds protest movements are giving millions of dollars to evangelical organizations and mega-churches to promote global warming and “renewable energy projects.” What a surprise! The “churches” are accepting the money in the form of grants in the millions of dollars, and then preaching this nonsense as Christianity. It falls right in line with so many of the Protestant organizations cozying up to the pope, and the pope’s plan to write an “encyclical” making the war on “climate change” a Christian doctrine! And, oh yeah, he’s loves socialism and is cool with homosexuality. Who will stand up to this onslaught? The churches won’t, they’re already bought and paid for by organizations that want to overthrow the United States once and for all.
Global warming, unlimited immigration and mandatory cooperation with queers are all shaping up to be the false “Christianity” of the 21st Century. You are in touch with one organization that will not budge or compromise with any of these ruinous doctrines. But the Bible tells us that at some point these evil forces will control all commerce. That’s when we’ll find out who’s who.


Mark Armstrong